Follow up: XXXHOLiC #18 Sales Report

XXXHOLiC #18 kept a very good position in its second week of sales, still remaining in the Top 5:

• Taiyosha Weekly Ranking:


1st – Skip Beat! #26
2nd – Kekkaishi #23
3rd – Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Ken’ichi #40
4th – XXXHOLiC #18

• Tohan Weekly Ranking:


1st – Skip Beat! #26
2nd – XXXHOLiC #18
3rd – Kekkaishi #23

• Oricon Weekly Ranking:


1st – Skip Beat! #26
2nd – Kekkaishi #23
3rd – FAIRY TAIL #23
4th – XXXHOLiC #18

According to Oricon, XXXHOLiC #18 sold 145.479 copies in its second week, a drop of only 13% in comparison to last week. The overall sales of XXXHOLiC #18 is currently 314.104 copies.

XXXHOLiC is doing really well! In comparison, XXXHOLiC #17 had sold 1.085 less copies during the same period of time. The previous week big winner, FAIRY TAIL, ranked below XXXHOLiC in two of the rankings.

Once again congrats to XXXHOLiC and CLAMP, pretty sure we’ll be seeing XXXHOLiC ranking again next week.


2 thoughts on “Follow up: XXXHOLiC #18 Sales Report

  1. This is just off topic, but it is confirmed that Clamp’s Jump SQ one shot, Gate 7, will be serializing in Jump SQ starting from February of 2011.


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