GATE7 serialization to start in February

GATE7 will become a regular series starting in the March issue of JUMP SQ magazine, out on February 4, 2011!

Check out the announcement:

Click to enlarge it.


The announcement comes from the December issue of JUMP SQ, where the GATE7 one-shot will be published. It says that GATE7 will be part of a “large scale project” between CLAMP and JUMP SQ. Could it be related to Dark Horse and the Mangettes?

Also according to the above announcement, a CLAMP signing session is scheduled to take place at JUMP FESTA 2011 (December 18 and 19).

Update: There won’t be an actual signing session, instead, a paperboard with CLAMP signatures will be displayed at the event.

The color page featured in the one-shot was posted in Ritual Scan:

Click to enlarge it.

In other news, CLAMP member Nanase Ohkawa just recently made a post in her Private Board about getting ready for a new “location hunt” for GATE7. In the post, she goes about how she is no good with packing even though she enjoys traveling. She says that even though they did a “location hunt” earlier this year for GATE7, she will need to do it again.

It’s unsure if the 3 other members will follow Ohkawa to the trip. Check out her post here.


36 thoughts on “GATE7 serialization to start in February

  1. The right expression is “in other news.” not “on other news.”.

    And February is not far away, I can’t wait for the first chapter.


  2. Did anyone notice the seven stars under the flower logo?

    Love this picture by the way, so halloween-esque!
    But I’m a bit lost… I mean… The original project was “Mangettes: Gate 7” with Dark Horse, right?

    Now, it’s Gate7 with Jump SQ and Mangettes with Dark Horse? Did they split the project?
    (I don’t want a new massive crossover serie! >


    • Yes I also noticed the seven stars in the logo ^_~

      But I’m a bit lost… I mean… The original project was “Mangettes: Gate 7” with Dark Horse, right?

      Now, it’s Gate7 with Jump SQ and Mangettes with Dark Horse? Did they split the project?

      Yes, GATE7 is supposedly the joint project with Dark Horse. Apparently the project is still on, but Dark Horse hasn’t said a word about the one-shot or further information about the global releases. Let’s hope that now that we have a definitive date (February) they will officially make the announcement sometime in the near future.


  3. It’s really is a beautiful picture. I’ve been waiting for it for sooo long.
    But doesn’t Hana look a bit like Yuuko?
    Thanks for uploading the pictures and keeping us updated abouy Clamp activities!!


  4. Thank you so much for the information! I’m ecstatic for the new series.

    I didn’t notice it so much with the first image, but in that second one she looks so much like a combination of Yuuko and Ashura as a younger child there. I like it. It’s definitely a beautiful image regardless.


    • I couldn’t agree more! She really looks like Ashura, specially with those indian outfits and accessories and she also has a lot of Yuuko such as the look in the eyes and the “Moon” factor.


  5. The new color image reminds me a lot of CLAMP’s illustrations for that short series on dreams that appeared earlier this year — I’m happy about that! It’s great that Gate 7 is being serialized in JUMP SQ, since it’ll fit right in with the magazine’s other “supernatural” series, but I’m worried that the Mangettes project has fallen through.


    • what short series on dreams do you mean? O.o

      It’s great that Gate 7 is being serialized in JUMP SQ, since it’ll fit right in with the magazine’s other “supernatural” series

      Can you tell more about the other JUMP SQ titles? Are they dark?


      • It was that one which was supposed to be part of a novel — CLAMP themselves weren’t writing it, but they provided illustrations both for two chapters of the novel and its cover. I just can’t think of the name!

        The JUMP SQ titles that I know best are Tegami Bachi and Shiki. The first is a very beautiful series set in a land called “Amberground,” which for the most part is under an eternal night (the only light comes from a man-made sun in the center of the country’s capital). Its main characters are young, and it has a lot of comedic moments, but the story has gradually become more disturbing with certain revelations concerning the man-made sun and the country’s government. I can’t recommend it enough — please read it if you have the time!

        Shiki is a horror story in which vampires gradually take over a small, isolated village in the mountains. It’s known for its massive cast of characters, but the main characters are unfortunately, um, slow to act. It’s as “dark” as a typical horror story, and not particularly interesting. The artwork is fantastically weird, though.

        Claymore and D. Gray-man are probably the magazine’s best-known series. So far as I know of it, Claymore is incredibly violent but amazingly drawn; D. Gray-man has some very disturbing imagery, and its plot has reached a level of incomprehensibility that Nanase Ohkawa would have killed to reach in TRC.

        The magazine has some other titles with interesting artwork (Karakuridôji Ultimo, Ao no Exorcist, Kure-nai) and a bunch of comedy series, too.


        • Thank you so much for this detailed report! I was particularly interested in Tegami Bachi. The story seems very intriguing! I clicked on the wikipedia link and saw the art, it was in the cover of the November issue of JUMP SQ, right? Great art!

          It looks like most JUMP SQ series has this “dark fantasy” style, right? That’s very exciting, hope GATE7 will follow the same gender!


  6. Oh, wow…so pretty!

    The first colour page made me think of Wish (the colouring style is similar to Wish’s colour pages, even if the line art isn’t).

    But the second colour image reminds me of a mixture of RG Veda and Tsubasa/HOLiC.

    I’m very excited for this manga! I hope the simultanious release of the tankoban/volumes will go ahead.


    • The art style is very different from one illustration to the other xD I prefer the first one =X

      I’m guessing the Dark Horse collaboration is still on and might be part of that “large scale project”.


  7. When I saw the second illustration I didn’t think it was CLAMP who made it… the colours, all made me think it was a promo picture of a GATE7 anime XD.
    Thank you for the news.


  8. The first image (the water lotus moon picture) had such an ethereal spirit-like quality to it, but this second one seems spookier and more occult… O_o

    Thank you for the news!


    • Really? How… not exciting XD They will just display their signatures? Oh well…

      Thanks for the correction, I really trusted my guts in this, I saw “sign” and immediately thought there would be a sign session.


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