CLAMP@MOBiLE Fes! 2011 news

CLAMP’s official mobile website CLAMP@MOBiLE announced dates and a venue for the events known as CLAMP@MOBiLE Fes! 2011.

February 5, 2011: special art exhibition (entrance free of charge but only for CLAMP@MOBiLE members).
February 6, 2011: special event limited for 200 @MOBiLE members picked by lottery.

Both events (art exhibit and special event) will take place at the AMLUX TOKYO (5th Floor, AMLUX Hall) in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

The announcement also says that other projects related to CLAMP@MOBiLE Fes! 2011 will be announced in the future.

So is the exhibition going to be a one-day thing? There is nothing about the exhibition opening to the general public later. And that hall looks like a good place for screenings and talk shows, but not an art exhibition O.o

That’s all the info we have so far!


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