XXXHOLiC #18 Sales Report

Time to check the performance of XXXHOLiC #18 in its first week of sales.

• Taiyosha Weekly Ranking:


1st – XXXHOLiC #18
2nd – FAIRY TAIL #23
3rd – Ahiru no Sora #29

• Tohan Weekly Ranking:


1st – FAIRY TAIL #23
2nd – XXXHOLiC #18
3rd – Ahiru no Sora #29

• Oricon Weekly Ranking:


1st – FAIRY TAIL #23
2nd – XXXHOLiC #18
3rd – Ahiru no Sora #29

According to Oricon, XXXHOLiC #18 sold 168.625 copies in its first week, a slight drop of 0,66% in comparison to the first week sales of volume 17 (169.753 copies). It had also the lowest first week sales of a XXXHOLiC volume within the last 6 volumes.

I foresee another 1-2 week run? Let’s hope so! Congrats to XXXHOLiC and CLAMP!


3 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC #18 Sales Report

  1. yahoooo /o/
    Holic (Y)
    ummm, does anybody knwos what chapters are include in this volumen?
    I think is 205-208, but I don’t know if it is including the oneshot =O…


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