BSM cover feat. XXXHOLiC & text-less GATE7 promo image

The cover of this month’s issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine features XXXHOLiC and it was posted on the magazine’s official blog:

Click to enlarge it.

This issue also comes with an application service to win an original XXXHOLiC Fukusei Genga (original art reproduction) and goes on sale October 9.

A text-less, higher resolution version of the GATE7 promotional illustration was released to the japanese press and can be checked below:

Click to enlarge it.

Credits: Comic Natalie.


9 thoughts on “BSM cover feat. XXXHOLiC & text-less GATE7 promo image

  1. Thanks for the pics and info ^^

    Clamp never really respected their character’s eyes colors (especially in X…) but still, I believe that considering the importance of ‘eyes’ in Holic, they would have left them blue/gold and not redish like now ^^; I know it fits the mood and the season very well and that the picture itself is to die for, but…


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