Preview: XXXHOLiC Fukusei Genga

Here is a preview of XXXHOLiC’s Fukusei Genga, taken from Bessatsu Shonen Magazine‘s official blog:

Click to enlarge it.


The Fukusei Genga is printed in a quality in order to look like a replica of the original art. According to the magazine’s editor, it is the same technique used to make replicas of paintings such as from van Gogh and Renoir.

Details on how to apply for it (Japan residents, only) will be published in this month’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.


18 thoughts on “Preview: XXXHOLiC Fukusei Genga

  1. Kimihiro has a little bat on his neck, although in general the impression I got was CLOOOOOOOOOOOW xD (because of the stars, CCS, etc.) but it’s a gorgeous picture, I wish I lived in Japan u.u but anyway, this can be made into a minor quality poster someday ;D!


  2. I’m confused…

    Is this a new picture? or an old one? and does this mean Yuuko is coming back?! no spoilers for it either please, im reading up to the english release until tsubasa 28 comes out.


  3. Neko

    I`m getting it he,he,he. You just have to send a letter with 2900 yens in stamps, there’s no lottery (but yes, you have to live in Japan…) I will tell you how it is when I receive it.


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