GATE7 hotsite

Jump SQ has put a hotsite for the upcoming GATE7 one-shot with a new B&W illustration.

Thanks radiomacrossing for the heads up!

Hana is sitting on a lamp post in the B&W picture, hummm (Chii much?). And new Hana no longer has braids as shown in the previous color illustration.


13 thoughts on “GATE7 hotsite

  1. Oh, this girl is so beautiful and mysterious! I can’t wait to find out exactly who she is! I look foward to finding out more about this series. I hope it won’t be a disapointment.


  2. I like that is different from the previous illustration… it was so like XXXholic, and it’s nice to see a change in the style, although I think that something similar to X will be more suitable. Thanks for the news


  3. Thanks for the news, the both of you ^^

    And I’d say it’s not only her looks which changed: her facial expression in the first pic was somehow playful and mischievous, I was expecting some sort of energetic heroine running around, but now she looks a lot more….mature? calm? mystical? I don’t really know how to put it. But I don’t think we will see her smiling too much. Who knows how its gonna be in the end, but this is the first impressions I’m personally getting.
    The b&w scan does have a holic feel to it after all, but yeah, it’s still Clamp drawing here, no surprise ^^;


  4. Forgive me if this has already been answered somewhere, but does anyone know what genre this manga is going to be? Shojo? Shonen? Hopefully, it’ll be something like Josei. =]

    And doesn’t she look a bit like Zashiki Warashi? Either way, she looks gorgeous! I can’t wait!


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