Breaking News: Gate 7 one-shot in November in Jump SQ!! (Updated)

The image below has leaked in japanese board 2ch revealing that CLAMP’s new work, Gate 7, will run in the monthly magazine Jump Square (Shueisha).

Click to enlarge it.

The first chapter one-shot will feature color pages and will be published in the magazine’s December issue, to be released on November 4.

From Wikipedia:

Jump Square (ジャンプスクエア, Janpu Sukuea?, often written as Jump SQ.) is a Japanese monthly shōnen manga magazine with a circulation of over 500,000. Published by Shueisha, the magazine premiered on November 2, 2007 as a replacement for Monthly Shōnen Jump, another manga anthology that Shueisha discontinued in June of that year. The magazine is a part of the Jump line of magazines The manga titles serialized in the magazine are also published in tankōbon volumes under the Jump Comics label.

Thanks to clamp_now community for this news!

CLAMP x Shueisha? This is the first time that CLAMP is published in Shueisha. Also, wasn’t Gate 7 supposed to be a shoujo? And it’ll run in a Shonen magazine? Humm.

No word on the simultaneous release from Dark Horse yet, but maybe an official announcement is about to be made, considering that the picture above was leaked.

Needless to say that I’m veeeeeeeeeery excited about this!!! Next month!!! *_*

Update: According to ANN, the chapter will be a one-shot:

The November issue of Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine is announcing on Monday that the popular manga quartet CLAMP is drawing a one-shot Gate 7 manga in the next issue on November 4. The manga is part of the “Supreme Yomikiri Series” (Supreme One-Shot Series) the regular feature of one-shot manga by famous creators such as Yasuhiro Nightow (Trigun), Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball), Masakazu Katsura (Video Girl Ai), and Hideaki Sorachi (Gintama). Jump Square launched the “Supreme Yomikiri Series” in its first issue in November of 2007.

If it gets a positive response from the readers, the series might continue in Jump SQ or move to some other magazine?

Update 2: A bigger picture from the announcement can be seen here.


55 thoughts on “Breaking News: Gate 7 one-shot in November in Jump SQ!! (Updated)

  1. OMFG!! It’s great to wake up with such amazing news =D!! Can’t wait to see this, the art looks gorgeous! But isn’t the girl a bit different than the one from the first picture that was revealed last year?
    Thank you very much for sharing!


    • Indeed great news to start the day!!

      But isn’t the girl a bit different than the one from the first picture that was revealed last year?

      A little! I like this one more =D I think it’s understandable. That image is what, 2 years old? Maybe they changed a little her design =D


      • Yeah, I like this one more, the other one was very XXXholic-ish, but I was thinking that, being a one-shot, the main character (Hana, if I remember well) may not appear here, and this is just like an introduction. And this girl, may not be Hana (I hope she IS anyway! haha).


  2. Let me remind to others that it is just one shot. It means it’ll end just one chapter, and we’re not sure whether it’ll be serialized in future or not.


  3. I’m not happy about this ;< I thought that, when they for example end xxxholic, then they would work on continuation X or Legal Drug or Clover (?). After all they have more free time now and instead of do something with hiatus projects, they start new serie ;_;
    ( Ok, but still I'm interesting in it XD )


  4. Pretty! I’m glad to finally hear some news on this. You know, I’m not sure shoujo or shounen even matters with CLAMP. They don’t exactly stick to conventions there. I mean, Kobato. is technically shounen, right? And it’s adorable sparkly heart-healing pink covered fluff.


  5. Thanks for the extra information about it being a oneshot!

    So this is not a decided thing as of yet uh? Still, being Clamp, it will very likely have a great success, especially since all the fans worldwide are very ‘hungry’ for more: Clamp has been pretty dead since the end of Tsubasa and everyone was awaiting for their new series to start.
    It’s still a surprise anyway though, since considering the way they’ve been talking about it all these years, it felt like everything was settled with publishes/editors and Clamp only had to start it out. Looks like I was wrong ^^;
    The other surprise is the genre: I thought it would be shoujo/fantastic/seinen, but looks likes it’s gonna be more one the shonen/seinen side? Well, it’s fine too I guess, I won’t stress out about it just yet aha~

    I am excited too, actually, it’s been more than a year since I was last truly excited about something Clamp related, it’s pretty refreshing 😀


    • Oh yeah I am sure this is going to have a positive feedback from the readers. After all, it’s CLAMP! XD

      But yeah, it’s not the beginning of a new serialization. Since we didn’t have a formal announcement from Dark Horse (yet), this could be a teaser for what is coming up next. Maybe CLAMP is warming up possible new readers.

      I wonder if this will be considered as the official chapter 1 or 0. Or maybe neither. And I wonder if when the series does get serialized, if it’s going to be in Jump SQ or in another magazine, or if it’s going to be in Shueisha or a different publisher.

      As for the gender. It could be shoujo and Jump SQ will not be its definitive magazine. Or it could be shoujo and stay in a shounen magazine like Tsubasa or XXXHOLiC xDDD

      Lots of questions o.o


      • There are indeed tons of questions left unanswered, but for the time being, I guess we should just sit back and enjoy what we got~

        And truthfully, I’m really not worried about it being serialized or not: they made such publicity around it for so many years, that it should be done in the end, I suspect 😉

        I’ve been wondering too about dark horse, but hearing now from you that it’s only just a oneshot, maybe the finale work (the serialization) is still a few months far off from starting, which would explain why we got no news from their side?

        In the end, shoujo, shonen, seinen, oneshot or not, I really want can’t wait to see the actual thing >.


        • That sums up pretty much what I think, too. Dark Horse hasn’t officially said anything yet because this probably is not the serialization itself. And yeah, the simultaneous thingie might start only some months from now.


    • oh, and by the way, I will be buying that issue from, unless some great impediment stop me from doing so, but I don’t see why there would be such a thing 😛
      So expect HQ scans from me in november 😉


        • Considering it’s going to be released in a magazine housing such popular titles (DGMan, Claymore, Tegami Bachi…) make it certain that it will be scanned anyway and quite fast if I may say, but hey! I’m confident I could make the best scans and I also want to have it for myself: being a oneshot, we never know if it will ever be included or not in the final tankubon after all 😛


  6. Based on past Supreme One Shots, there were only two works that ever made it into a serialization. But they are currently serializing in Jump SQ.19 (sister magazine for Jump SQ), a seasonal magazine (it means there are only four issues per year).

    I’m not sure this information is helpful.


    • Thank you so much! I was exactly wondering about the likelihood of the one-shots published in this segment becoming regular series later on.

      I’m really not so sure about Jump SQ being the home to Gate 7. Still, this marks the beginning of a CLAMP x Shueisha collaboration, which could give us new works from CLAMP in the future.

      Thank you so much again!


  7. I like the art but I still like the previous picture better (and loving the style, it looks like Holic and Kobato had a child XD ). A bit annoyed though that it seems like it’ll only be a one shot. They announced the project years ago, Tsubasa has finished, Holic is now monthly, and Kobato is as short as ever yet they don’t seem to be doing anything new (maybe one of the members has been sick?).


  8. Loved the art, it’s awesome!

    But… a one shot? Is their editor skeptical or am I reading Bakuman too much? XD

    I hope it’s a success and that they serialize it. (I also hope that Ohkawa is more sane this time XD)


    • If Gate 7 will be published in Shueisha, maybe it’s a strategy to gather new potential readers.

      This segment is known for inviting other popular mangakas to do one-shots, so it’s not like CLAMP is begging for a magazine to run their work (AS IF THEY WOULD BEG FOR SOMETHING LIKE THAT).

      Or maybe Shueisha asked CLAMP to do a one-shot and they thought “why not Gate 7?” like a teaser of what’s coming… since they can’t start the real thing yet.

      Maybe there will be a formal announcement at the end of the chapter? Like “do you like this story? read the continuation in Mangettes bla bla bla”.

      We’ll see………


  9. Oh, that picture is gorgeous. I wasn’t too interested in Gate 7 because it was so vague to me, but seeing the picture has piqued my interested.

    Really, they’ve never published in Shueisha before? Given how many works CLAMP has come out with, I figured they’ve been connected with a ton of companies at least once in the past. Do they usually publish with Kodansha or some other company?


    • Most of CLAMP’s works were published in Kodansha and Kadokawa, but they have also drew for Shinshokan (Tokyo Babylon, RG Veda), Hakusensha (Shin Shunkaden) and Shogakukan (the first 7 chapters of Kobato. (Temporary)).

      Kadokawa wins in terms of titles against Kodansha (12 titles from Kadokawa versus 6 titles from Kodansha). But Kodansha probably wins in terms of sales. CLAMP’s 3 best sellers are from Kodansha (Tsubasa, CCS, XXXHOLiC).


  10. OMG!I LOVE THE ART!Ok it’s official Gate 7 is going to be dark!The plot hinted it but the fact that it’s going to be published in the same magazine as Claymore confirms it!SO EXCITED!


  11. is it a Jump thing where all series would have to be tested with one shot before going series!? -.-; (info: bakuman XD)
    I mean, is there any room for doubt that Clamp would take one of top positions hands down? xD


    • Not all of them being tested. Most of the mangakas are starting a new series without testing by one shot (especially if mangaka is really famous).

      I think Clamp is having one shot rather than serialization because there is no room for Clamp currently. Jump SQ is having new series from September to November, so there is absolutely no space for Clamp to begin a new series.


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