CLAMP NEWS !! (not really)

I know we’re going through difficult times, but please hang in there everyone, I’m sure things will get busier in the CLAMP sphere soon enough!

Much like the previous updates, there are no news this time, only new chapters confirmed for Kobato. and XXXHOLiC.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

09/10 – Newtype #10 – Drop. 22-B (on sale).
10/09 – Newtype #11 – No Kobato. scheduled.
11/10 – Newtype #12 – Drop. 23.

Still not 100% sure about it but I think Drop. 23 is the beginning of tankoubon 6. But not sure…

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

09/09 – Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #10 – Chapter 208 – 4 color pages – Beginning of tankoubon 19 (on sale).
10/09 – Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #11 – Chapter 209 – Fukusei Genga application service.
11/09 – Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #12 – Chapter 210.

Truthfully, I’m not sure about Chapter 208 being the first chapter of tankoubon 19 either…

• Calendar:

You can check samples of the XXXHOLiC 2011 Desktop in CLAMP-NET.COM. It was planned by CLAMP’s management company, Pyrotechnist, and features black and white illustrations by CLAMP previously used as title pages for XXXHOLiC chapters.


15 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !! (not really)

  1. Things have been pretty slowly for CLAMP’s fans lately… no notices of new proyects, no notices of new mangas, and no notices of old mangas.
    Thanks for the news as always


  2. Hang in there, Yuuto-san! Even though there’s not much buzz these days, I still appreciate knowing I can visit your site for the latest CLAMP news/info. I’m sure there are a lot more people than me out there who appreciate that you keep this up. Thanks again for being our CLAMP Central!


  3. Does anybody know when xxxHolic will be finished? Our german publisher said that the japanese publisher said it will be 19 volumes. But I can´t imagine…there must be 20 Volumes because 19 volumes in my opinion were relatively little/few….


      • It was said in the official forum of the german publisher EMA. And they asked the japanese publisher when xxxHolic will be finished and then get the answer that there will be 19 Volumes.

        But even I can´t believe that CLAMP is really going to finish xxxHolic so quickly. I think it will be 20 volumes in the end….
        Maybe the japanese publisher doesn´t exactly know when CLAMP going to finish the series, too. Probably they knew at this point of time that Holic will definitly 19 volumes for now(!).


  4. I think at the end there will be 20 volumes in total… by the way, I read in the internet that chapter 208 is only 34 pges long… is that true?? If so, Clamp are reducing the number of pages month by month O_O


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