CLAMP draws for japanese re-release of Peter Pan and Wendy

CLAMP will draw the cover and inside illustration for the pocket edition re-release of classic children’s book Peter Pan and Wendy (by author J. M. Barrie).

The book will be released in November under Kodansha’s label for children’s book, Aoi Tori.

Peter Pan by CLAMP! Looking forward to it! =D


19 thoughts on “CLAMP draws for japanese re-release of Peter Pan and Wendy

  1. Wow, nice! I want to see those illustrations.
    Thanks for the news! (long time reading your livejournal, first time writing)


  2. Ahh~ Oh my god! Peter Pan is like the best ever! I’ve read all the books (well, with the exception of the hardest one to find.) I am probably the biggest Pan fan ever, so coupled with Clamp is just unbelievably awesome!
    I am stoked to see these illustrations. I hope they do one of the whole group of characters. I also really want to see Wendy up close since she’s my favorite character.
    Blah. Draw faster Clamp! Hehe. I can’t wait!


  3. Wow, Wendy seems like Sakura and Miyuki combined and PEter Pan reminds me of Kamui.

    Is that tinker bell next to them? The white blob looks like Sakura’s feather…

    Or perhaps I’m just reading into it too much? ^^;


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