Holitsuba Oneshot from Magazine SPECIAL

The Holitsuba oneshot from this month’s Magazine SPECIAL is out and can be downloaded via MegaUpload or MediaFire. Source: http://ritualscan2.free.fr/

Seems like the theme was the birthday of the Syaorans and Watanuki? I liked the crowns all over the place xD

Ohkawa wrote a message saying that she missed writing about the girls. I can imagine xD

Meanwhile, XXXHOLiC #17 is showing very nice “legs” (as they say for the box office) in the weekly ranking of Oricon. In its 4th week of sale, it dropped 10 positions, landing at position 23:

• Oricon Weekly Ranking:


1st – Nodame Cantabile #24
2nd – Naruto #51
3rd – Q&A #2
23rd – XXXHOLiC #17

XXXHOLiC #17 sold additional 18.113 copies this week, 58% less than the previous week. The overall sales of XXXHOLiC #17 is currently 375.131 copies. Again, that number stands for the regular edition only.


15 thoughts on “Holitsuba Oneshot from Magazine SPECIAL

  1. Thank you very much for sharing! I love Holitsuba and I’m really waiting for this. And I love seeing Yuuko again! I miss her!…LOL! Arigatou Gozaimasu!


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