Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #7 cover

Here’s the cover of the July issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, featuring XXXHOLiC:

Click to enlarge it.
The July issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine marks the beginning of XXXHOLiC’s new serialization and will be released on June 6. This is the first time that XXXHOLiC features the cover of its host magazine.

Very nice cover, and I am amazed by the proportions of the “XXXHOLiC” and “CLAMP” names in comparison to the rest of the cover xD

Thanks cutesherry for this news!


13 thoughts on “Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #7 cover

  1. Nice cover! Watanuki sure looks calm, but Mugetsu there gives me a sort of “shonen flavour”

    “I am amazed by the proportions of the “XXXHOLiC” and “CLAMP” names in comparison to the rest of the cover xD”- That’s because CLAMP rules!

    Thanks for the news


  2. I also noticed that anything that involves CLAMP makes it an requirement for them to bold CLAMP’s name. Even on Code Geass, they made sure to draw attention to people that CLAMP is involved. I think CLAMP is a goldmine in the anime and manga industry.


    • me too!

      hey, my birthday’s on the 7th! I think the coming of this new chapter 2 days after is a great gift!
      And I think since Watanuki’s become the owner, he’s started to look stunning!!! Doumeki won’t resist long XD!!!


  3. Thank you, great cover *.* Umm I have stupid question, sorry ;_; it’s always like that, that if for example it’s July issue, the magazine is released in June?


    • It happens a lot in the japanese publishing market. I don’t understand it also…

      The worst case I’ve seen is Asuka magazine. Its July issue comes out in MAY!


  4. this change in magazine makes me think that xxxHOLIC is going to last for yeeeaaars… dont get me wrong, I love CLAMP works!! but they must end eventually.


  5. Six days

    I can not wait more I still need to wait six more days. I wish XXXHolic is a weekly manga instead of monthly bace.


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