Kobato. Drop. 21

Features a new color page! The first color page for volume 5, if I’m not mistaken?

You can download the chapter here thanks to cutesherry!

Yes, I’m back with new chapters alerts =D But only for japanese raws.

Best dialog:

Kobato: Thanks for the Chiroru cakes, Fujimoto-san =)
Fujimoto: It’s okay. Tell me later which one you liked best *kaaa*
Kobato: I didn’t eat them.
Fujimoto: :’D

The interaction between Kobato and Fujimoto is so much nicer in the manga =D

And isn’t that Okiura’s buddy who suffered from his appendix? He must really like Kobato, LOL


30 thoughts on “Kobato. Drop. 21

      • Still, now we know what Kobato really is and why she can’t take her hat off, I would have preferred a cliffhanger as the Anime Final. But it still made me shed tears nonetheless.


        • I think the ending is different from the manga. When an anime is produced while the manga is ongoing, they just come up with a different ending for it because it’s better than just stopping it with a cliff hanger. It’s what they did with the first Full Metal Alchemist anime and with a lot of others as well.

          So I’m still waiting for an awesome ending regarding this manga ^-^



  1. I laughed at that dialog xD I can’t wait to read this chapter, it’s so nice to see raws out and about again. Now if only I could get my hands the second OST you know? Glad you’re doing alerts again 🙂


  2. Thanks~, though I already read it in Chinese.

    Ah, that moment. Very subtle moment, though my first though came with how Fujimoto would think when he heard that Kobato didn’t eat them. Does he think that she’s just being polite and said delicious (which kind of hurt his feelings, and doesn’t know that Kobato doesn’t eat anything).

    It’s kind of nice that Fujimoto is caring about her now.


      • In real life that would probably happen. But if he does that, Kobato will have to tell him why she doesn’t eat not only cake but anything at all and that would give away her little secret D=


        • Yeah, that’s probably why CLAMP didn’t let him finish what he was saying (in case it was going to be that). But I wonder if Kobato would lie about the fact she can’t eat or she’d naturally admit it. I also want to know why she can’t eat!


          • I guess she would naturally say it. She’s been very honest up to this point. And what’s cool about Kobato is just now normal she thinks she is xD

            I think the reason she doesn’t eat is because she’s dead, like the anime.


      • I first read a translation from the Chinese RAWs which came out as:
        Fujimoto: *whisper-whisper* if you have one that’s your favorite…

        So I took that as Fujimoto trying to figure out what’s her favorite flavor so he could buy it for her next time.
        Something like (if he continued)
        “If you have one that’s your favorite [I could buy it next time]”

        Or in the translated Japanese text:
        “If there was one that was tasty… [I would buy it for you.]”

        But before he finished his thought he realized that he would be *going out of his way* to buy her favorite flavor and thus went into complete denial mode because surely she *can’t* be special to him. And became flustered probably thinking ‘what’s wrong with me?!’
        Remember how he was justifying checking on Kobato before? Because she only lives just next door – he didn’t go “out of his way” (You did Fujimoto, you turned back). He was probably freaking out because he was going out of his way for her in just thought alone! XD

        Oh, Fujimoto… Shall we start singing “I Won’t Say (I’m in Love)” for you?

        (Although I like your view point on that scene too. XD So adorable! I’m now merging it with my previous thought to create a super fluffy thought Fujimoto was embarrassed about! \o/ )


        • …I think I might have to make that into a video, now. xD

          Ohh, Fujimoto~ You’re such a tsundere, sometimes~

          :3 And thanks for your interpretation of that dialogue. xD When I first read that I was like, “Wahhh…?”


  3. I just love the interaction between Fujimoto and Kobato, soooo cute!!♥, WAY better than the anime, for sure!.

    -Sayaka saying she needs to change, and then shots of the school, same as the anime? she is closing the school? …hmm ¬_¬
    -Kobato saying she doesn’t has much time left, and saying she made her decision..same as the anime!! ¬__¬
    -And that guy again!, same as the anime!
    come on CLAMP!!! DDDDDDD’8

    Thanks for the heads up!! :D, would love to read your thoughts later on *_*


    • You made a better understanding of the chapter than I did XDDD

      It does look like it’s heading the same path as the anime, but I refuse to think it’s going to be 100% the same. That never happens with CLAMP mangas, I’m pretty sure that for the sake of their readers, they will do something different.


  4. chibiyuuto’s chapter alerts return! It’s so nostalgic. ^_^ Thank you to cutesherry for the scans.

    Kobato’s saving the cakes – they’re too precious to eat since they’re from Fujimoto. I’m sure Icchan would approve of this behaviour one way or another. XDDD

    But Kobato and Fujimoto’s interaction this chapter was so cute… I’ve never seen Fujimoto look so flustered before.


  5. hi
    first of all let me tell you just grateful i am for all those translations of kobato that were put up.thank you so so much!! ^_^. well the thing is i found translations for the other chapters but drop 17 and drop 18 were missing. is there any chance of you putting it up?


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