CLAMP starts collecting data for Gate 7

Satsuki Igarashi posted in her private board that today CLAMP started a trip to collect data for their next work, Gate 7.

Their first stop is the city of Ise, located on the Shima Peninsula in Mie Prefecture. The city is home to the Ise Shrines, Japan’s most sacred Shinto shrines. The choice of Ise was Nekoi’s recommendation.

The main character of Gate 7, Hana, comes from Kyoto and she is the daughter of a temple caretaker. CLAMP will most likely take pictures and collect other kinds of data to use as drawing references.

Below is Satsuki Igarashi’s original entry:



Translation here. She’s basically saying that since Tsubasa is now over, they now have more free time and thus they are out on a trip to start collecting data for their next work (I am assuming that is Gate 7).

So happy to see that things are finally moving forward with Gate 7!


19 thoughts on “CLAMP starts collecting data for Gate 7

    • Im so glad that GATE 7 is finally officially on its way!! **

      It will be my first clamp manga that I will read since the release date.

      I became a Clamper in 2008, so…


  1. Rough Translation


    Since “Tsubasa” ended and we have little more free time, we’re on a trip to gather material for next work beginning today.
    First, we’re in Ise, where Nekoi-chan also recommended.
    This is Ise Shrine, I haven’t been there since elementary school graduation trip.
    It was raining during that time, so I’m looking forward to it.


  2. so… they haven’t started yet?? I thought that they have started drawing Gate 7 months ago -.- I hope we get to see this new work soon,it seems like a really important proyect if they’re doing all this investigation thing, I can’t wait to see it!!
    City of “Ise” makes me remerber of Arashi, who remerbers me of X, which makes me sad *.*
    Thank you very much for this good news!


    • I don’t think they have started yet. They usually don’t draw in advance, they always draw near the deadline XD

      They are maybe sketching character designs and scenarios, planning the design, but they haven’t started drawing yet.

      It would be cool if we had Arashi references =D


  3. yay!!!! those are great news!
    i can’t wait to read it!
    though it’s true CLAMP could spend this time completing their unfinished works before starting with a new one


  4. Thanks for the news about Mangettes ^^
    I confess I wasn’t too excited when I read the summary years ago…but let’s see how it comes out in the end! The concept of “Masters of Dreams” is pretty interesting though, especially after all we witnessed in TRC/Holic~ I guess we might have to expect more crossovers in Gate 7.

    People ask about X and Lawful Drug, I’m asking about more info about CCS|Syaoran announced in July 2009 already! *glaring at Clamp*


  5. Heh, I second/third all of the sentiments about CLAMP finishing their works, but it’ll be interesting to see the newest one. I just hope they won’t get a bit sloppy with their current works in order to hit deadlines.


  6. Great news!!!

    Those are great news!!! I was waiting something else from CLAMP. I mean, since Holic had its break and it’s gonna become monthly, so is Kobato, it was kind of obvious that they were gonna have a lot of free time…
    So this are great news! but honestly, more that a new story, I prefer see something new of X or Lawful Drug. I guess that’s not gonna happen in the near time…


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