Bigger version of CLAMP’s drawing of Maaya Sakamoto

Here is a bigger scan of the CLAMP illustration and interview published in Maaya Sakamoto’s special pamphlet “0331“:

Click to enlarge it.
Many thanks to j1m0ne for providing the scan! She has done her own detailed report of Maaya’s concert at the Budokan and you can read it here.

The pamphlet with CLAMP’s drawing is available for purchase in Maaya Sakamoto’s official store.


19 thoughts on “Bigger version of CLAMP’s drawing of Maaya Sakamoto

  1. On closer look coloring looks rather sketchy, don’t you think? Recently Clamp’s style reminds of that of Chika Umino (Sangatsu no Lion, Honey and Clover), maybe it’s because of that watery eyes…


  2. Wow, that’s one big hand XD Couldn’t help but to think the the head looks too tiny when you compare it to the rest of the body, so I’m not loving Maaya’s drawing… I like the chibis though.


  3. Oh, she’s so pretty! I love the detail in the illustration – the watercolour effect is lovely.

    P.S. The new layout is great – the repeating pattern and the choice of violet look very elegant. It looks so… mature. ^^


  4. 交流 communicate

    大家好…… hello
    Could we have some resources from U? we want to translate this passage into chinese………………


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