CLAMP Travel Reports

As I reported previously, CLAMP members are on a trip to collect data for the upcoming work, Gate 7. Their first stop was the city of Ise (read report here), then they went to Kyoto. They are making real-time reports on their private boards and here are some of them, translation provided by Mia Lewis.



Rokusei Satei ( [A souffle restaurant in Kyoto]

We’ve arrived in Kyoto.
We’re heading straight to Rokusei Satei. The souffle from the main course is no good for filming (I think it’s because it deflates too quickly), so we’ll be having the champagne we preordered.
I’m just itching with anticipation for that souffle (laughs).


東京では、あまり みたらし団子は見ないので久しぶり。あまからが美味しかったです。

Taking a Break

We went from Rokusei Satei through Heian Jingu Shrine, Yasaka Shrine, and came out at Kiyomizu Temple.
We did a lot of walking so we’re currently taking a break.
We’re having midarashi-dango, warabi-mochi, and weak macha at Baien-san.
You don’t often see midarashi-dango in Tokyo, so its the first time we’ve had them in a while. Its sweet and saltiness was delicious.



Kyoto Day 2

On our second day in Kyoto it rained a bit.
Even so, we strove on and made it Kitano-tenmangu Temple and the Temple of the Golden Pavilion.
We also went to the original Inoda Coffee.
Nekoi-chan is filming the Jumbo Chou a La Creme right in from of me.



This it Kyoto

Even though this is Kyoto Station, Sento-kun ( [Nara City’s mascot] is everywhere. (laughs) There was even a gigantic Sento-kun. [note: I assume this refers to a person dressed as the mascot.] I should have applauded and gotten it on film.



We Went to Sanjusan Gendo Temple

There were a lot of students on field trips.
It was noisy, but it went silent the instant the announcement was made to respect the temple and be quiet.
Japan’s youth are still far from being given up on.
Obedience is a virtue.

Today is the final day of the trip, they are coming back to Tokyo later. More reports to come!

Also, today is the 16th and there should be a CLAMP-NET.COM update. But there are no updates today. The website was updated on the 14th instead, launching its new menu. Have you checked it out? The major changes can be noticed in the “News” and “Serial” sections, which are now split.

“Serial” section now has more detailed information about the upcoming manga chapters, such as chapter numbers.

Sad news for those who liked them, but the english news are gone (they weren’t updated on a regular basis in any case).

No breaks scheduled for Kobato. and XXXHOLiC is back with Chapter 205 on June 9 in its new home magazine, Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. Please refer to the CLAMP Widget for more upcoming releases.

Lastly, the official website of the XXXHOLiC Rou OAD posted a Mokona pattern that you can print and use on your own tumbler. The pattern is told to be similar to the one used by Kohane in the upcoming OAD.

Go to the website, pick your size and have fun with your drinks =)


8 thoughts on “CLAMP Travel Reports

  1. Thanks for update as usual!

    Just a quick note, Sento-kun is Nara City’s mascot not Nagoya’s. He’s supposed to be a caricature of the Daibutsu [Big Buddha] statue of Todaiji with the antlers representing the sacred deer found in Nara Park.


  2. So many cool places!!….
    OMG I wanna read this so bad!!!
    Whoever scans manga on-line HAS TO publish this manga like…in the second it comes out…cause this series promises to be a HUGE hit so far!


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