CLAMP Travel Reports (final part)

Here are the final reports of CLAMP’s research expedition in the Kansai area to collect data for Gate 7. After Kyoto they made a quick stop at Osaka and are now back to Tokyo.

If we were talking about a movie, I would call this the pre-production stage. I hope it won’t last long until we reach the production stage =)


せっかく関西に来たとなれば、やっぱり『鶴橋 風月』は外せないということで、


『鶴橋 風月』阪急32番街店(『ツバサ』で登場した所)からお送りしました(笑)。

It’s the final day of the trip!

Today is the final day of our research expedition.
Having come all the way to Kansai
[the area of Japan comprising Osaka, Kyoto, etc.], there was no way we could pass up going to Tsuruhashi Fugetsu [a famous Okonomiyaki chain,], so we made our way from Kyoto to Osaka. (laughs)
Having eaten modan-yaki and okonomiyaki, we will return to Tokyo.

The research we’ve been doing will be reflected in our upcoming work. We’re so excited!

This is being sent from the Tsuruhashi Fugetsu at the Hankyuu Line 32-ban-chou Store (the store that appeared in Tsubasa). (laughs)





We’re back!

Everyone has safely returned to their rooms.
The research expedition was a lot of fun, but Ise, Kyoto, and Osaka all ended up being cold (cries).

Also, while we were away XXXHOLiC Rou’s official website was updated. []
You are now able to print out the Mokona-decorated image that covers the tumbler in the anime.

On the XXXHOLiC OAD official website you can print out the Mokona-decorated image that covers the tumbler in the anime. Promise.

The English translation was provided once again by Mia Lewis.

Speaking of which, Mia Lewis recently wrote a paper called Painting Worlds with Words: Ateji in CLAMP’s Manga, about the use of “ateji” in manga, having CLAMP as the main object of study. She will be will be doing a presentation about that paper at the Oscar Lee Symposium for East Asian Studies. She asked me to announce it here and those interested are welcomed to come.

Event Name: Oscar Lee Symposium for East Asian Studies (the Columbia University undergraduate East Asian Studies symposium)
Date: April 30, 3010
Location: Kent Hall, Columbia University, 116th st and Broadway, New York, NY
Time: 1-4 pm

The details of the individual panels are still being decided. The presentation on CLAMP and ateji will last approximately 10 minutes, and will be part of a larger panel on Japan, language, and perceptions created by media, with a question and answer session to follow. The Columbia East Asia Review (an undergraduate academic journal on East Asian Studies) will also be released at this event, and includes the paper “Painting Worlds with Words: Ateji in CLAMP’s Manga.” (See abstract below.) For more information, please contact Mia Lewis at

Abstract: This study explores wordplay in the works of CLAMP, a popular Japanese mangaka (comic artist) group. Specifically, it examines CLAMP’s use of ateji, the pairing of kanji (Chinese characters) and furigana (a reading gloss) with different meanings. This allows two different words to become one, creating meanings that transcend words’ literal definitions. Original research on ateji in six different manga zasshi (comic magazines) and three of CLAMP’s works—Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, and Clover—identifies five distinct ateji techniques. This study focuses on the way these techniques are employed by CLAMP to express complex ideas, develop plot, and portray characters. As a technique embedded within the Japanese language, the implications of ateji use in manga extend beyond the medium of comics, pointing to shifting trends in the language as a whole.

Could be very interesting specially for those studying manga and Japanese culture. I know I certainly would go if I could (but New York seems a little too far for me xD)


17 thoughts on “CLAMP Travel Reports (final part)

  1. Baww, CLAMP’s so cute ♥ They really make travel seem like so much fun, although I think partially they just know what they’re doing xD

    I agree, that panel seems extremely interesting! New York’s far for me too though…even though I live in Virginia. xD;;


  2. That sounds like a fascinating panel, but even I’m too far for it..and I’m in the US >.< Damn country is so big and hard to cross in a hurry lol

    Thanks for the updates on their travels, i'm excited to see what the artwork looks like and the scenery is like for Gate 7

    And I have a Mokona tumbler now! I took it to work with me last night, my coworkers asked me what the funny looking rabbit thing was…to explain I quotes Yuuko's explanation of a Mokona…because either way they weren't gonna get it. So it got labeled "one of those weird things that make Rita special and a nerd."


    • I thought it would be nice to announce it in advance so that people can make it in time. Please tell people you know who you think might be interested in going =)

      You’re welcome! I’m guessing that this is going to be like X, with lots of drawings and pictures of real places from Japan. Nice.

      You made a Mokona tumbler? How cool!! How about taking a picture? I can post it at the Facebook page =D


      • I have a fiew friends in the area, i’ll pass the notice along ^_^

        *nods* Hopefully this will leave the shrines in a happier state than some of the buildings in X. I haven’t read far in the series, but I’ve seen the I know the unhappy fate the animated buildings have.

        The picture of the Large Mokona tumbler. I noticed that even for a 16oz tumbler (the only one the store had) i couldn’t make the print out fit all the way, it’s too small. There’s a strip down the back that’s still blank. *shrug* Not a very large strip, it just doesn’t line up and it looks like it’s supposed to. Maybe Tumblers in japan are a little smaller than the American ones?


  3. Judging by CLAMP’s diary entries, it seems that Gate 7 is going to be a cooking manga. Thrill as Hana battles dream-monsters while competing in okonomiyaki-eating contests!

    The ateji lecture does sound very fascinating–it’s a shame I’m not going to be anywhere near New York at that time!


    • theres always someone that cooks in their manga. Gate 7 wont be an exception, but Im guessing it will be another character in this case


  4. For anyone who doesn’t realize it… Japanese people always turn to food when they think of something new or memorize certain customs.
    Traveling? Oh, we must try out the famous White Crab in this area!
    Holidays? Even if we don’t have a daughter, we’ll celebrate Hinamatsuri at the office, during break hours, with Hishimochi (Diamond-shaped mochi)!

    So I doubt the actual series will be focusing around food.
    In the Japanese context, them showing the foods they ate will basically let the Japanese reader remember what cities/areas/etc. to look forward to in the manga… like…
    “Oh, hey, that looks like Okazaki’s Castle! Oh, wait, that’s right! They ate Hacchou Misou, so they must have gone to Okazaki to research!”

    Also, even though I live in New York state, the city is still too far to have to pay transportation and everything for a 10 minute presentation… D:


  5. I’d love to be at that presentation! *___* I’ve always wondered if that linguistic feature had a distinct name in japanese, because I’ve always adored it. When I was studying my degree, I was a sucker for all kinds of embellishments and figures of speech, and this goes far beyond anything I could find in any roman alphabet-based language text because it’s something unique to the japanese language. And with CLAMP examples to boot! Awww, why do I have to live in Spain ;___;

    …and now I’m even thinking about getting in contact with the author. I’m such a nerd XD


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