Kobato. TV Anime #19

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I must start by saying that I thought this episode was extremely boring xD It was too perfect, too Christmas-ish, anyway xD

We learned a bit more about Fujimoto’s sad past, and how he used to be a MUCH more energetic kid (I was surprised, “is that really Fujimoto?” XD). Also he dressed up as Santa in this episode to play with the Yomogi kids, but sorry Fujimoto, I think Kamui Santa wins over you XD

Doumoto is such SUCH a nice guy, I think a guy like that doesn’t exist in real life LOL He waited for Kobato in the snow!!! I think he realized Kobato likes Fujimoto in this episode D= And what he did to her in the end was so nice =DDDDDDD Poor Doumoto…

It’s worth noting that Kobato was so happy after she made up with Fujimoto, that she NOTICED the snow and even sang for him. I confess her sudden happiness annoyed me a little, I thought she was just showing herself off for Fujimoto LOL (I’m so bitchy today, I know! XD). At least I hope things will be a little less uncomfortable between Fujimoto and Kobato for the remaining 5 episodes.

According to Ohkawa, the responsible for doing the storyboard of this episode is the director of Mouryou no Hako, it really was a good-looking episode, I loved the air puffs coming out of their mouths because of the cold. That was a nice detail.

Next episode, the Tsubasa gang indeed makes an appearance! I’ll be looking forward to see what Ohkawa prepared for this never-before-seen interaction between Kobato and the Tsubasa main characters (I wonder if they will suddenly show up in her room just like that xD).

By the way, the NHK page for the Kobato. TV anime updated with the episode titles for the remaining episodes. Here is the schedule:

March 2 – Episode #20, “…People Who Travel.”
March 9 – Episode #21, “…Spring’s Footsteps.”
March 16 – Episode #22, “…Goodbye Day.”
March 23 – Episode #23, “…Kobato’s Wish.” and Episode #24, “The coming day of tomorrow…” (End)

Episodes 23 and 24 will be aired on the same day. It’s worth noting that the last episode has the “…” after the episode title (and not before like all the other ones).


29 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime #19

  1. ** VAChE **

    >>I must start by saying that I thought this episode was extremely boring xD It was too perfect, too Christmas-ish, anyway xD.> orry Fujimoto, I think Kamui Santa wins over you XD


    • It really was beautifully animated, that I cannot deny, and it makes sense that it was storyboarded by the Mouryou no Hako director. It had that dark atmosphere (I think it also explains the 80s lasers xD)

      he couldn’t do it with Fujimoto in the manga…and he couldn’t do it with Kobato in the anime! POOR GUY! …I love him

      LOL!! Indeed! He deserves a happy ending =/

      I am very disappointed as well for the total lack of Icchan in the anime. Not even as “Papa”, that’s weird and sad =/


  2. I didn’t like this episode neither, maybe ’cause I don’t like the “really very nice guys” and Doumoto is one haha, and what about Kobato’s mission and wish??? I wonder if we’re getting some “true” information about it (I mean, if they’re gonna show something that has to do with the manga)
    Thanks for the news and the (funny) comments Chibi Yuuto!


      • Of course you are! besides the news, I really enjoy reading what you write (but when you tell us about CLAMP finishing X and continuing with GD, I’d probably gonna cry because of infinit happiness hahahah XD)


  3. Ssc

    Wow harsh….This is probably my favorite episode. XD It almost made me cry. The fireflies one made me cry so that one wins. (Random note my friend is in love with the tree episode, and I thought that one was extremely boring. I guess we all have different preferences!)



    • Re: Ssc

      Lol. I just realize Kurogane’s voice actor has to do two jobs in the next epi (Fai’s too if Ginsei were to show up.) I wonder if they’re going to joke about Ioryogi and Kurogane and how they’re so similar!

      Was thinking the same thing. So cannot wait for this next ep.


  4. I agree with you! It was particularly boring and some of the scenes… I rolled my eyes so much this episode. and I LOVE the Kobato anime up till now (except for that weird moconaland ep. >_>). But then I’m finding Fujimoto kinda jerky and was hopelessly rooting for Doumoto xD


  5. NOOO!!!!!


    I hate when Clamp is too predictable.

    Obviously Domoto would try to hook them up, and step aside as soon as he entered into the triangle.

    I hate predictable things.


  6. To be honest, I’ve been losing interest on the anime, but I still watch it. This episode makes me want to watch the rest! It was animated beautifully (are the animators from the Mouryou no Hako anime gods?) and the story was sweet at the same time. I’ve always loved the episodes where they dig in to the characters’ backstories.

    I wander if Watanuki will also make an appearance next episode, and if the Wish. and Chobits characters appear, it would appear we would have a post-Tsubasa crossover.


  7. Fujimoto’s past made me so sad. I vote him CLAMP character with the worst ‘this sh*t can happen in real life’ pasts…if his anime past counts for anything.

    Maybe I’m just not a picky kid..but I’ve loved the Kobato anime and this episode. Especially this episode.

    Doumoto (or Dope/Donut as I’ve been calling him as of late) did annoy me a bit with his constant appearances, but he redeemed himself in this ep. Totally.

    And I admit I loved when Fujimoto was all struck by the ‘She’s waiting alone for you’.

    I find it interesting how in the anime Fujimoto seems to be more in love with Kobato then she is with him. At least from my perspective anyway. And while the events leading up to the meeting was incredibly sweet, Fujimoto could’ve idk…tried to help the relationship a bit :< He's like a brick wall sometimes.

    Kobato's singing was as beautiful as ever.


  8. i loved this episode… it was so sweet! BTW, does anyone know where i can find the english scanlations of the most recent chapter of Kobato? B/C, on mangafox it disappeared mysteriously


  9. hi there, just saw this episode,though the animation was rly pretty, I’m not sure if everything is -cannon- here, I mean..we see an other chunk of Fujimoto’s past, is that an official info/flashback?? o_O, or is just the director guessing xD

    Is Ohkawa involved in all the scripts??!! D’:
    cuz I must say it, most of the chapters are rly bad and full of cheap-anime filler episodes ;___;

    I confess her sudden happiness annoyed me a little, I thought she was just showing herself off for Fujimoto LOL
    Agree!!!, It felt ackward, too shoujo-shiny-anime like for my taste or for CLAMP!! too christmas~ish! D:, so anticlimatic xDD


  10. OMG

    Omg, great information *o* I do love the anime, i can’t wait to see the chapter 20 *o*

    now, i have a question 4 u O: will you continue publishing Kobato’s raw? in mangafox, all chapters were deleted because Kobato is licensed in USA 😦

    sorry 4 my bad english XD


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