CLAMP draws “Happy Ko” (for the 4th time)

Check out the new illustration by CLAMP of the “Happy Ko” character that was aired today in NHK’s kids show, Tensai TV-kun MAX:

The illustration above was taken from the show’s official website. The image is a little large in width so forgive me if I’m messing with anyone’s f-lists.

“Happy Ko” is a character played by one of the show’s young hostesses, Fujii Chiho, she presents the Girl’s Communication corner of the show. This time, apart from Chiho’s character “Happy Ko” (on the right), CLAMP also drew one of the show’s co-host, Maki (on the left).

This is the 4th time that CLAMP draws “Happy Ko”. Check ou the previous three illustrations here, here and here.

And by the way, for those interested, you can check here the limited goods that will be given away to the readers of Young Magazine in celebration of the 200th chapter of XXXHOLiC. Only Japan residents can apply for a chance to win the goods.

Update: CLAMP@MOBiLE and Mobile Newtype launched a new Kobato. campaign offering a mobile wallpaper featuring a brand new Kobato. illustration by CLAMP.

From March 10 to April 9, Japan residents can submit a password that will be published in the April issue of Newtype magazine (out March 10) and download a special wallpaper for their mobile device.

Here is a preview of the wallpaper:


25 thoughts on “CLAMP draws “Happy Ko” (for the 4th time)

      • Dont tell me this is gonna be like a chobits thing – a twin sister or somthing! Oo

        Well…to be honest that would explain a lot about kobato!


      • I know right! No more clones. We’ve had enough, thank you XD

        Though I thought more along the lines of Chobits like the person above this comment did.

        Their eye colors are different. The one on the left has brown eyes, the one on the right has blueish gray. Unless I’m entirely crazy, which is a possibility


        • That’s the Tsubasa effect for you!

          I think it’s just a natural result of CLAMP’s hand-coloring. See how the shading under Kobato’s bangs on the right is different, too? This isn’t to say that CLAMP isn’t foreshadowing anything, but they did produce several illustrations for CCS with Sakura mirrored just to show off different costumes. It seems that they’re going for the same thing here.

          That aside, this is definitely my favorite Kobato illustration yet–and one of my favorites from CLAMP in general. Thank you for sharing, Chibiyuuto!


  1. The first pic is so lovely ♥

    Awww, I want that Kobato wallpaper! I hope someone will make it available online or something, it looks adorable from the preview (T3T)

    Thank you for all the news!


  2. the illustration looks so cute! and I want to have that Kobato’s wallpaper on my phone (it’s a pity I’m in Argentina)
    Thanks for sharing!


  3. That Kobato illustration is so pretty *_*

    I will laugh forever if it turns out Kobato has a twin. Oh CLAMP and their twin fetish. Not that I don’t enjoy it.


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