Nanase Ohkawa x Mitsuyuki Masuhara talk and more

A talk between Nanase Ohkawa and the director of the Kobato. TV anime, Mitsuyuki Masuhara, was published in the January issue of Newtype magazine. I don’t think anyone has shared scans of it yet, so here they are:

Click to enlarge it.
I must admit that I expected a little bit more of it, like, a bigger talk xD It’s a quite short text so if anyone could give it a look and tell us about any interesting information, we would appreciate it! =)

This is from the March issue of Newtype magazine, since it’s the 300th issue, it came with a special supplement. There is a ranking for the creators that drew more covers of Newtype, and CLAMP appears in the 3rd position, with a total of 9 covers:

Also, as part of the project that celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Newtype magazine, they will be releasing t-shirts in collaboration with many artists, including CLAMP. More info will come in the April issue of Newtype (on sale March 10).

Let’s hope it’s a new illustration!

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