27 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC Rou OAD Trailer

  1. Looking forward!

    Oh that looks nice ^_^ Thanks to you I got hooked on Holic; though I’ve got to catch up on a lot (I just bought Volume 5–yikes, I’m ten volumes behind, right?) but reading it is always worth it. Thanks!


  2. Somehow the comment about “forever love” makes me laugh and nod. *blink*

    But yea, depressing much? They’re gonna make a whole slew of us Cry because Watanuki is Crying and Yuuko is just hanging there heading towards her end. v_v

    It looks really well animated though. And I sort of got annoyed at seeing him wearing the first kimono we ever saw Yuuko in. >.>;;;

    thanks for the heads up


    • And I sort of got annoyed at seeing him wearing the first kimono we ever saw Yuuko in. >.>;;;

      You’re not alone. That one is so clearly a woman’s kimono. The flowers, I mean, it’s weird…


  3. It looks really good! Can’t wait to see it…but I wonder WHERE ON EARTH IS HIMAWARI??
    Thank you very much for sharing!


  4. Yoshi! sem querer ser chato, mas eu já esperava pelo trailer, é sempre assim, quando saí os screencaps, pode esperar duas ou três semanas que o trailer aparece 😀 OAD de 40 minutos! é muito tempo para meu pequeno coração XD


  5. Thanks for the news !!!

    Just a little curious about this new OAD/OVA… since the animation is showing that Yuuko-san was dying and all sort, so does it mean its gonna be a crossover with Tsubasa ?

    Or izzit there’ll be a new OAD/OVA for Tsubasa too (not that soon yet) ?

    So excited~ >w



    …I can’t believe that Kazanagi, which already heard as an insert song on Honey and Clover II, will be the OST of XXXholic Rou. That song really fits the death of Yuuko.

    Here’s the actual clip:


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