Kobato. TV Anime #16

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The Bazaar episode! I really liked this episode because I really love the Bazaar “arc” in the manga, I’ve been waiting for this since the anime started =)

That Naomi girl has a weird voice xD

OKIURAAAAAAA! ♥♥♥♥ XDD He’s so cooooool ! But no cigarette? I bet this is because of NHK educational policy =/ Well I can understand it, and I’m 100% against smoking but it would look cool to see the smoke twirling around. Kobato. needs more of Okiura, MUCH more! We always get so little of him.

I missed his hysterical laugh though, and his eyes are sort of evil in the anime. He doesn’t have evil eyes, he has kind eyes (that’s what makes him so awesome!). It’s like they are trying to turn him into a villain at first glance.

His voice, on the other hand, is perfect. Couldn’t be better! (I know we heard him before in a previous episode).

Did I get it right? Ioryogi is the one that tells Kobato that Okiura is Sakaya’s ex-husband? Not Chitose? =/

It’s so weird to see this stormy weather in Kobato.’s anime, where everything is always so sunny and colorful and bright xD

Chitose didn’t even change clothes to come to Bazaar? Seriously Madhouse, she’s wearing her landlady outfit ¬¬ But ISN’T SHE ADORABLE? I love Chitose~~ XD

It was very nice to see the characters that have appeared in the previous episodes at the Bazaar, kind makes you think that they’re still there =D

The next episode seems to be a continuation of this episode (I originally thought the Bazaar would take more than 1 episode), but it seems like the Bazaar is pretty much over? We’ll see.


10 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime #16

  1. I liked this episode, too!

    The bazaar was fun in the manga and it was fun here.

    It was nice to see Fujimoto a LITTLE more loyal to the manga instead of the super mean anime version, too.

    I loved seeing Okiura! Miki IS, however, using the same voice he uses for Roy in FMA:Brotherhood. So it made him sound a bit more affiable than is probably intended, due to association!

    And, yes, Naomi sounded really weird. And I also heard the ‘kekkonshi’ from Ioryogi about Okiura and Sakaya, which threw me a little.


    • And I also heard the ‘kekkonshi’ from Ioryogi about Okiura and Sakaya, which threw me a little.

      So it was really Ioryogi =/ Well I hope Kobato still heals Chitose, regardless =/


  2. Okiura must have been (what you already said) be must kinder looking, he was a little to evil for me, Okiura is for me like a gentleman with a gentel but fake smile


  3. ** VAChE **

    I loved this episode…nothing was wrong…even Kobato x Fujimoto interaction got better, he wasn’t mean at all which is great…Okiura made me feel like “OMG OMG OMG OMG @___@ YEEEES!!! *___*” he IS the man!. This episode made me feel sadder than the manga chapter…maybe because of the rainy atmosphere, it was like I really felt sorry for the kids trying their best

    >> That Naomi girl has a weird voice xD


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