Follow-up: Tsubasa #28 Sales Report

Just a quick follow-up about the second week of sales of Tsubasa #28. It dropped to the 12th position in Oricon’s ranking:

• Oricon Weekly Ranking:


1st – Nodame Cantabile #23
2nd – REAL #9
3rd – Yotsubato! #9
12th – Tsubasa #28

Also according to Oricon, Tsubasa #28 sold additional 66.736 copies in its second week, making a total of 261.873 copies sold so far.


3 thoughts on “Follow-up: Tsubasa #28 Sales Report

  1. It shouldn’t be surprising as this happens all the time with popular series as well (though One Piece might be impossible to beat).
    Actually, it’s lasting longer than most other series this week. ^^


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