New Code Geass Project in 2010 (Updated)

Sunrise announced at the event “Kiseki no Tanjoubi” that Code Geass will have a new project in 2010. The event was held this Saturday in Japan to celebrate the birthday of the character Lelouch.

It is still not known whether it will be a new TV series, a movie or an OVA series, or even if CLAMP will be involved. More information should be announced in 2010. Stay tuned!

The text in the image above reads:

“新コードギアス プロジェクト始動決定!
New Code Geass project announced!
Wait until 2010 for more information!!

This is a reborn… It’s the day of a new birth.

From today on, Geass shall reach a new level.

In the near future, we will take you to a new Geass.

You wished for this. You eagerly waited for this. You yearned for this!

Did you all forget?

Geass is like a desire.

That’s right…


If you wish for it, Geass will, again…

Special thanks to syaoranmew for the translation!

EDIT: for more information about the event, check out this report.


19 thoughts on “New Code Geass Project in 2010 (Updated)

  1. This news actually doesn’t excite me. I still don’t know my feeling about the first two seasons. I will just wait for more info. to decide if I’m going to put in Plan to Watch list.


  2. I don’t hope for a thrid season to continue the story of the 2nd season. I love the anime and I think it’s really awesome and great. But then, I really hope the things about Lelouch is really over or else it would only make worse…

    a movie or a new anime series not focusing on Lelouch would be fine for me ^^

    about clamp art, there will be art about Code Geass whether there is a new season or not…so i do not bother much about this…what I care is the story ^^


  3. So Code Geass is coming back? Cool. If it is a third series, then either Lelouch ain’t dead or I suspect we’re gonna get a few episodes in which he takes over Hell. And then invades Heaven to get Shirley back.


  4. maybe

    well they used the word reborn so maybe they will animate one of the spinn offs (or the alternate versions)
    or they will make a movie version of code geass
    or they will provide an epilogue with a happier/sad ending
    OR V is still alive so perhaps she will find another person to give geass to thus starting a new story in the same universe
    or they will bring back lelouch
    OR (and this one is ma favorite guess but the least likly to happen) they somehow continue the story line of code geass and merge it into another series (tsubasa,X,Clover) thus finishing all of these series (again this is just a fanboys dream)


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