Kobato. TV Anime OP and ED artists

In addition to the main cast announcement, this month’s Newtype magazine also reveals the artists that will be performing the Opening and Ending themes of the Kobato. anime.

The Opening Theme will be performed by Maaya Sakamoto and the Ending Theme by Megumi Nakajima.

I’m very happy for Maaya, I think she suits Kobato. more than Tsubasa xD I don’t know Megumi Nakajima, though ^^;

I was half right with Maaya then, but I still think we will have a second ED theme song with ALI PROJECT xD

The Kobato. TV Anime starts on October 6.


26 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime OP and ED artists

  1. Megumi…

    Megumi Nakajima was the voice (seiyuu and singer) of Ranka Lee in Macross Frontier. Also, she participates in Basquash… and Vocaloid choose her for another volcal software that they called Megpoid.

    She is a nice girl, with sweet songs and they made lovely versions of Macross classic song (from Mari Iijima and her character Lynn Minmay) for the MF series.


  2. i think maaya and ali project are like the must-haves for a CLAMP anime now πŸ˜›

    megumi sings really well, from what i’ve heard in macross frontier πŸ™‚


  3. Am I the only one who’s tired of Sakamoto Maaya? ;;; *Only likes very few of her songs*
    Well, if the song’s good I’ll have no complaints.

    I wonder why Kobato’s not singing the op or the ed, it would have been cute.


    • I don’t like the Tsubasa ones, only Loop. But I don’t like Kaze Machi Jet very much, don’t like Saigo no Kajitsu and specially SONIC BOOM.

      She can be sweet and she can sound you know, magical xD I would like to hope for a good song.

      But yeah, I understand how maybe Maaya is singing *too* many CLAMP songs… it’s almost like she is their official singer of something xD


  4. Thank you very much for the info.

    I had an inkling that Sakamoto Maaya will sing at least one of the songs, but I was actually pretty sure, even before it’s officially announced, that Ali Project won’t be involved in the project. Ali Project’s style has been going progressively darker over the years (since Wish and CCD), and it looks like they aren’t about to go back to the cuteness a la Wish any time soon, if ever.


  5. I must say, I haven’t been this excited for an anime in a while.

    I have to say, I love Maaya Sakamoto’s singing voice. But as said, I would love it to be a nice, upbeat happy song. ^^ She does those best.


  6. Megumi has a very nice voice that should fit well with Kobato…I wonder if Yoko Kanno will be involved?

    Yay for Maaya!


  7. !!!!!!

    YATTA!!! MAAYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! (well, I thought so, but it’s good to have confirmation. And I think it means a new song too! :3)

    Ah! Megumi Nakajima too! That’s a nice surprise! I really liked her in Macross Frontier. She’s suited for Kobato.

    Thanks for the delightful info!



  8. Yaaaay!!! I’m so happy for the artist selection.
    I really like Maaya Sakamoto and her songs for Tsubasa. ^^U As shinigami_lady said, I also consider her as if she were the 5th CLAMP. I’ve always asked myself if Maaya is a CLAMP fan and that’s why she loves singing OP/Ends to the anime adaptations or is there other reason.

    Nakajima Megumi… Woow!!! I watched Macross Frontier this summer vacations and the anime is excellent, and I loved the songs she sang in the anime. I couldn’t stop singing them XDD I haven’t listened to any other song of her, but she gave sweetness to Ranke Lee and her songs in Macross, so I think that she will give us a nice ending for Kobato. =D

    Btw, has anyone read the new chapters of Tsubasa and Holic. I think that the Holic chapter of this week was amazing! Big plot twist. πŸ˜‰


  9. i literally clapped when i read Maaya Sakamoto. XD i already expected that but still… haha!

    ooh! i know Megumi Nakajima! she sings this song:

    she sings and dance well! XD she’s cute anyway.

    i’m rooting for Sakamoto-san and Nakajima-san~! πŸ˜€


  10. Yahoo!!! Maaya!!! =D
    I just watched the videos of Megumi Nakajima that some users posted and I Must say that I Loved Her voice!!! I can totally see her singing for Kobato ^___^

    Thank You for the news!!!


  11. The opening and ending artist already! o.O

    Well, I suppose we get them sooner with new projects (we get the names two weeks before the change with Naruto).

    So, Yeah for Maaya! ^_^
    There’s never enough Maaya! ^_^

    And… Nakajima Megumi… I don’t know her either, she doesn’t seem half bad in the link other posters provide. I’m looking forward for Kobato on October 6th.


  12. Ahhhh, that’s like the best combo ever. Megumi has a beautiful, pure voice! She always struck me as a younger Maaya, anyway πŸ˜€ I really hope that she’ll end up voicing Kohaku, and perhaps the ED will be Kohaku’s song…that would be awesome πŸ˜€

    And of course, Maaya’s awesomeness goes without saying.

    Random tidbit – Maaya voiced Megumi’s character’s mother in Macross. Nice to see them on the same project again~


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