Kobato. Anime Spread

Here’s a new spread of the Kobato. TV Anime that was published in one of this month’s anime magazines (either Animedia or Animage):

Click on Original image (3.4 MB) to check the image in bigger size.

Thank you to Aurelia for poking me about this!

Looks so nice! And I’m loving the little Toshihiko sketch xDD


44 thoughts on “Kobato. Anime Spread

  1. Huh! I think this is the first time Kobato has worn a dress that appeared in an earlier spread. It still looks great, though.

    Thank you to both you and Aurelia for posting this!


  2. Wow *O* Kobato is very beautiful! Fujimoto is fantastic! I love CLAMP *O* They have got the best characters in the world and also, of course, the best stories in the world! *O* Kobato’ll be a fanststic anime *O*


  3. Waa, it looks so pretty! Every illustration makes me look forward to the anime more.

    Fujimoto looks cool and himself ♥ It was about time they appeared together in a color illustration, CLAMP should make some as well (¬_¬)


    • Every illustration makes me look forward to the anime more.

      True. MUCH more than I looked forward to Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC (because unlike the Kobato. ones, the TRC and XXXHOLiC illustrations looked fugly and made me afraid of what the anime would look like xD)


    Kobato looks lovely and fukimoto… oh fujimoto! *O*
    I know that i’ll definetly will love this anime, Is it october yet? Thanks so much chibiyuuto-san, for posting this!


  5. The characters look about 5 years younger in the anime art XDD.. or is it just me?

    But really, I’m glad that the illustrations look this good. I was really really worried about it before XD


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