Kobato. TV Anime main cast announced!

As previously reported, the first cast members of the Kobato. TV Anime will be announced in the next Newtype magazine, which will be officially on sale on August 10. However, the information has already leaked thanks to MOONPHASE website.

The first two cast members announced were the parts of Kobato and Ioryogi.

Kobato will be played by Kana Hanazawa and Ioryogi by Tetsu Inada (Kurogane in Tsubasa Chronicle).

Moreover, the anime will start on October 6 at 8:00 AM PM on NHK-BS2, it will be aired every Tuesday.

I don’t know Kana Hanazawa, what do you think about her? Tetsu Inada as Ioryogi is well, I didn’t expect it xD I just hope his voice will be different than Kurogane’s ^^;


56 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime main cast announced!

    • You’re welcome! xD

      I predict more Tsubasa/XXXHOLiC cast… somehow. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Sayaka Ohara makes her way to it too, she and CLAMP have became really good friends.


  1. I was very disappointed when I read Kurogane will play Ioryogi… The voice really suits him, but I don’t want characters by CLAMP to share the same seiyuu (x_x)

    Kana sounds SO adorable ♥


    • But it happens quite a lot you know? Same actors playing different CLAMP characters xD But what I think is that one role is too close to the other, I mean, we might still have a Tsubasa OAD, there wasn’t much time to “forget” about Inada yet.

      Well, as long as he sound like Ioryogi should sound, it’s cool I guess ^^ Maybe Ioryogi’s true form looks similar to Kurogane ^^”


      • I understand, and I don’t want the poor man to be left without work for the rest of his life (=w=U It’s just both Ioryogi and Kurogane are characters that mean something to me, so it bugs me.

        Haha, I hope not! Didn’t Ioryogi’s human form have long hair? *Got that impression from his shadow*


  2. chibiyuuto-san you guess for more Tsubasa/xxxholic cast? I HOPE Ohara Sayaka and FukuJun are in it…though I pictured FukuJun as Ioryogi >__<

    Clamp they really are good friends with the seiyuus,,,Maaya Sakamoto, Makino Yui, Ohara Sayaka etc ^__^ (remembering those clamp radio episodes ^^)

    and…Who is Kana Hanazawa?(I have the same question = =)


    • Kurogane guy for Ioryogi???
      Im laughing my ass off right now!!
      Kana Hanazawa has the perfect voice…she looks like a doll when she is talking…perfect for Kobato


    • I think Sayaka will be in Kobato. XD

      Ohkawa brought Michiko Yokote and Tsutomu Mizushima (and some other minor staffers) to work on Kobato. She and Sayaka are very good friends so I wouldn’t be surprised.

      She could play Sayaka-sensei! Or Chitose xD


      • i was thinking about that, sayaka’s voice fits perfectly on sayaka-sensei, i think, and for fujimoto… i was thinking on fukujun…but also, toshihiko seki, he has a great voice and will be wonderful to hear fujimoto with that voice…

        Btw, im happy with the voice of ioryogi. And the voice of kobato, sounds cute.

        well, as always, thanks for the information fujimoto-san!


  3. Kana Hanazawa-san will be a nice choice for Kobato, I believe. I’ve been hearing her voice a lot recently in a spring-season anime and I recognize her voice from many others. Knowing she will be Kobato, makes it easier to imagine Kobato’s voice in my mind, actually. I think it’s a good fit.


  4. I must say that i screamed when i read that Tetsu would do Ioryogi’s voice, maybe ’cause he is sooooooo… sexy *O* I hope he does graet, with such a voice *w* cof cof
    About Kobato’s seiyuu… kind of worries me, ’cause i don’t know a thing about her ¬¬



  5. I Know Her !!! She was Zange-chan in Kannagi and Potemayo And Kusano of Sekirei !!!! The last 2 are cute characters the first one is a B**ch that uses a cute voice LOL she will fit Kobato perfectly πŸ˜€ and I expexted Tetsu Inada lol The characrers have similar characteristics so I was in the Tetsu boat like a many people, glad It’s true :p


  6. Oh, it’s true, it’s Zange-chan! (thanks, XD). Now I’m sure her voice fits Kobato ^^ But it’ll be weird somehow, because Zange pretends to be cute, Kobato should be cuter and more sincere! :3 I’m so happy with Inada-san playing Ioryogi, I really love that man and I pictured Ioryogi with that kind of voice~

    I’d really like to have Sayaka Ohara as Sayaka *__* And maybe Tomokazu Sugita for Fujimoto? He has that kind of young but deep voice that I’ve always imagined. But what would really make my day would be having Takehito Koyasu, my all-time favourite seiyuu, as the debt collector, aw


    • +1
      I’m at third episode of Kannagi yet, but Zange was a “cute” voice indeed. However, is a “not so famous” seiyuu, but sh’s getting more importante roles lately ^^

      Tetsu Inada as Ioryogi is made of win xD *stupid theories about real identities of Ioryogi and Ginsei with Fye’s eyepatch are in my mind XD* Sure he’ll rock again πŸ˜€


      • I think it’s good that she is a newcomer… that way makes Kobato’s voice more unique. Much like Sakura Tange playing Sakura, she was also unknown ^^

        Tetsu Inada as Ioryogi is made of win xD *stupid theories about real identities of Ioryogi and Ginsei with Fye’s eyepatch are in my mind XD* Sure he’ll rock again πŸ˜€

        LOL! I have a theory now that Ioryogi’s true form looks like Kurogane and Ginsei’s one looks like Fye. We’ve seen the shadows, it fits to me xDDD


    • I haven’t listened to her voice yet, but if you think she fits, that makes me more relieved ^^;

      I don’t know if I would like Sayaka as Sayaka (LOL) I somehow wanted a whole new cast… but I won’t complain as long as she plays it well ^^ (and I totally wouldn’t be surprised if she or any other Tsubasa/XXXHOLiC seiyuus appear in Kobato. as well, that’s what you get when you become friends with CLAMP XD)


  7. I actually think I might bo okay with Kana as Kobato. She’s Sharon in Pandora Hearts ^^
    Tetsu better not sound exactly like Kurogane or I will be upset.
    I can’t wait to see who they will get for Fujimoto 8D

    Thanks for the info!


  8. oh dear… she’s in higurashi. o.o but that’s okay. i don’t know know her either, so i hope she’ll do well. ^^ too bad it isn’t the yoga teacher. 😦

    O_O i was expecting a lil higher voice than that. like… kon from bleach… or something…
    but that’s fine too. πŸ˜€ besides, kurogane and ioryogi are both hotheads anyway. XD

    i’ll be rooting for the casts! ;D


  9. ** VAChE **
    Hi Chibi Yuuto-kun!
    I have to say I expected someone like Tetsu Inada to play Ioryogi, and, as you, I didn’t know Kana Hanazawa so I looked for her on youtube…and I found a video where someone put almost all the roles she has played before…so I put it here for you and anyone who wants to know how her voice sounds ^^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9FViJj4nLE

    Hope it can be a bit helpful u.u …
    Thanks for the news…I was really looking for this announcement!


  10. Well I’ve heard Kana Hanazawa playing Sharon in Pandora Hearts and she does a great job… so I’m hoping she’ll do a good work with Kobato too.
    And…. TETSU INADA??? JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA XDD That is so NOT how I imagined Ioryogi’s voice xDD… but well… we’ll just have to wait and see =P [I’m sure I’m going to love it in the end]


  11. I’m watching Pandora Hearts JUST to see what Kobato will sound like.

    I am…such a big Kurogane fanfag that I threw my headphones across the room at the news.
    I died. Tetsu, Iβ™₯U. I-I’m so extremely happy. xDDDDD


  12. Tetsu Inada as Ioryogi.

    Therefore, Kurogane turned REALLY into a DOG (just what Fai teased him during the Outo Arc).

    If Takashi Kondo nor Hidenobu Kiuchi became Ioryogi or Yui Makino or Maaya Sakamoto became Kobato, this might be EXCITING!

    Still, I’m satisfied for it.


  13. I thought Ioryogi had a deep voice because of the font style in the manga… I thought he might sound grumpy.

    But I think he sounds grumpier than Kurogane because Kurogane’s font style is just normal xD


  14. Great news, I’m really excited for this show.
    If anyone’s curious about Kana Hanazawa’s acting ability, I’ve found an up-to-date compilation of all her voice acting work on youtube. I loved Kana in Sketchbook, so I personally think she’ll make a wonderful Kobato.
    (Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9FViJj4nLE&feature=fvw)
    Sadly there’s not one for Inada Tetsu, if there was I would have posted that one too.


  15. Kobato Anime

    Oh, I think this voice actor will be PERFECT for Kobato-chan!!! I totally loved her voice-acting in mahou tsukai ni taisetsu na koto ~natsu no sora~ as the main role Sora πŸ˜€ She has a wonderful cute and warm voice! I don’t know about her singing skills but I think she will be a wonderful Kobato! I can’t wait for the first episode!!! And I was right about MY bet on Maaya Sakamoto and Megumi Nakajima πŸ˜€ *happy* Oh, can this become even better??? *sparkly eyes* THANKS SOOOO MUCH for all the Information πŸ˜€
    Greetings (and a sorry for my bad english XD)

    Nakahara Amuri


  16. *sigh* i was hopeing 4 maaya sakamoto or ai nonaka to do kobato’s voice….

    and about Ioryogi Kouki UCHIYAMA would be good…and not tetsu…he doesn’t fit..

    i’m hopeing that miyano mamuro or sugiyama noriyki would do fujimoto’s voice

    and 4 sayaka-sensei…sayaka ohara would be good but i think Chieko HONDA would be better

    i’m wishing 4 takeuchi junko to do toshihiko’s voice! she did the voice of naruto! she’s the best seiyuu ever!


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