Audio of CLAMP’s Conference at Japan Expo

Wait, am I still talking about CLAMP in Paris? I guess xD

A promise is a promise and I promised I would share the audio from CLAMP’s public conference at Japan Expo and here it is!

It was recorded by eolo, who was sitting 2 seats beside me, and transferring the file from his iPhone to the computer proved to be harder than we thought (which is why it took us this long). But he made it nevertheless and here it is! Thank you very much, Marco!

The file has 157 MB, the beginning has CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 2 (which was screened twice) and the ending has 3 minutes of absolutely no sound. I tried to edit the audio file and cut the beginning and ending but the output file ended up being even larger than the original file. Since I didn’t want to compromise its quality, I decided to share the original file, no editions.

The quality is great, it might get too loud whenever the audience cheers but well, it WAS loud even for us who were there, so xD Basically if you know french you’ll be able to understand all of it ^^

Enjoy it!

CLAMP Conference – Japan Expo July 4, 2009 (MegaUpload)
Mirror 1: ZShare (thanks to marine_maiden).
Mirror 2: MediaFire (thanks to marine_maiden).

Size: 157 MB.
File type: MP3 – 320 Kbps.
Running time: 98 minutes.

On another small piece of news, I was looking at the members section of CLAMP-NET.COM yesterday and Nanase Ohkawa mentions that she will be writing the script for the new XXXHOLiC OAD that will come with volume 16.

It was sort of expected but it’s nice anyway to have a confirmation ^^

22 thoughts on “Audio of CLAMP’s Conference at Japan Expo

  1. Just an off topic question, have you guys done the latest Kobato chapter yet? I keep getting confused as to which chapter was the latest and I know that July was really busy for everyone so I was just wondering.


  2. Sure, definitely! I still need to check the video’s quality, and not sure if I will make a whole new post about it, but I will add it to the ones I already have about CLAMP in Paris ^^


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