Members and Database areas open at CLAMP-NET.COM

Make sure to check the new areas of CLAMP-NET.COM which have just been opened!

The members-only area has a bunch of new features including a section called CLAMP Graffiti, which consists of CLAMP members’ individual Private Boards and the new “CLAMP Blog”. In the CLAMP Blog, Satsuki Igarashi will write her Shimarisu no Hoobukuro columns, Tsubaki Nekoi and Nanase Ohkawa will share the same blog and Mokona’s blog is entitled Mokona no Okimono Kimono.

I assume that Satsuki will probably write monthly columns, Nekoi and Ohkawa will review books (judging by the picture they are reading books ?) and Mokona will talk about Kimonos.

Check also the new Database section.

They have also an online shop but it’s currently under construction.


25 thoughts on “Members and Database areas open at CLAMP-NET.COM

  1. Hi! I’ve been waiting for it (the database) since forever… It’s odd, but I’m still exploring the place.

    Hey, I’ve got a question: Has anyone translated interviews (CLAMP ones) from Newtype July/Aug ’96? I have the scans but I wonder if someone would translate them…


      • huuum I haven’t seen any translations. It’s a Cross Talk between CLAMP and who?

        I can’t asure to you that someone will translate it, but I would love to have it for my personal collection =D


        • CLAMP Cross Talk R3 (the ‘R’, I suppose means ‘Round’) had Mokona Appapa x Noboteru Yuuki (character designer for Sunrise anime The Vision of Escaflowne) As for R4, it had Nanase Ohkawa x Rintarou (director of X).

          I’m sure there’s a R1 and R2, but uncertain of anything further than R4.

          Just a little info, the July issue featured Hitomi Kanzaki (from Escaflowne) while the August one had Kotori Fuuma on cover. (I’m not sure whether I’ve got her name right, not very familiar with the X universe).

          The issue of featured lots of X info, scanned them but missed the final page. Also had an advertisment where two people were holding swords, I supposed CLAMP drew that, no doubt.

          I prefer to provide the scans to you only and the translator, what do you think?


          • CLAMP seems to have left out another one of their works, REX. It has only a volume but it doesn’t make sense to me why it did not appear in the ‘Works’ section. Chun Hyang and Shirahime-Syo appeared in that section as well. Can someone tell them?

            Apparently, their earlier unfinshed works like Yumegari is not listed but mentioned in the timeline, it was published in 1996. (I think..)


            • REX is not a completely original CLAMP work, the original story isn’t theirs. They were only invited to draw the manga version of the movie (REX is a live-action movie ^^)


                • No no, Shin Shunkaden is 100% CLAMP’s creation. I think the afterword you are talking about is in the new version of Shin Shunkaden, and it was written by a mangaka who has a manga about Amenosa as well (Shin Shunkaden is also about Amenosa ^^).

                  By the way, the talk and the information about X’s movie? Or just the talk?

                  Just the talk! Everything that has CLAMP members’ own words =)


  2. Yuuto-chan,
    your report from Paris was awesome. You don’t want us to see the picture with you and Clamp, do you? 😉 BTW, did you have time to visit Paris? It’s such a great city, it’d be a shame if not! 🙂


    • Thank you Hiki-chan! Yeah, to make a long story short, I can’t share the pictures, I’m really sorry but I hope you can understand =///

      Yeah I did have some 5 days to tour around Paris, I was delighted, it was amazing, and I sure didn’t see all of it =)


  3. Thank you for the heads up! As another note, the Character page has been updated with many, many more bios, including some for the smaller series.


  4. i was exploring the site and then i found a tiny picture of Watanuki-kun in Himawari-chan’s school uniform… O_O i thought my eyes are tricking me!

    thanks for the news~! ^-^


  5. chibiyuuto-kun, are you a member in the site? If yes, remember to share anything interesting to us!!!
    Last night, I wait for the newly update site at 11:00pm (One hour time diff, u know ^^) and it really impresses me: so full in details we need in the database, the official name and price…really useful as I gonna go to Japan 2 weeks later =) and there is very clear classification too; Love it =3 It’s worth a month more’s wait as it should be released on 1st July at first, right?


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