Shimarisu no Hoobukuro with special paper message

To celebrate the release of Satsuki Igarashi’s Shimarisu no Hoobukuro (Chipmunk Cheeks), a limited paper message will be given to those who purchase the book at one of the 10 selected Animate stores across Japan.

I will post here this paper message as soon as it is available.

The book collects all columns written by Satsuki Igarashi and published in Newtype in the period of 2002 to 2009.

Shimarisu no Hoobukuro will be released on June 10.


11 thoughts on “Shimarisu no Hoobukuro with special paper message

  1. Thanks for the information.I wonder if it would be something special..

    >>>at one of the 10 selected Animate stores across Japan

    Japanese priveilege then? =.= Hope we can get the message soon.


  2. The meaning of “paper message” is really pretty vague ^^;
    Thanks for the news!
    And now, I’ve just realized Chipmunk Cheeks will be released the same day as the july issue of Newtype (=new chapter of Kobato) and same day as TRC chapter 222 too ^^


    • I googled it and it’s really a paper with a message and usually a drawing =) It’s similar to a flyer but you know how japanese people love to give different names to everything xD

      And now, I’ve just realized Chipmunk Cheeks will be released the same day as the july issue of Newtype (= new chapter of Kobato) and same day as TRC chapter 222 too ^^

      Omg that will be one busy day xD


      • Sorry, I didn’t buy it this time around ^^;
        And it’s not really that I collect anime magazines…actually, they are of no use to me since I don’t understand japanese, but since I was getting other stuffs from at those times, I added up magazines as “tag along” XD
        That said, I might get it, why not? since I’m buying the special edition of Holic 15 this month after all…and I might actually add up this chipmunk thing too 😉 Since afterward, I won’t have anything else to buy from for a *long* while…


          • Arrrghhh!!
            I ordered the chipmunk book this morning from amazon but completely forgot about the magazine…I was reminded when I read this post of yours now…
            I went back to Amazon few seconds ago but my order was already processed and can’t be modified anymore *that sure was fast*
            I’ll see if I will get it later this month or something. Sorry ^^;


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  4. BLOOD-C

    I agree with almost everything you said. I’m very worried about this anime, even more now that I watched the 2nd episode, which didn’t feel like an improvement.

    I will keep watching because… it can’t get much worse, it has to get better somehow! XD And because of my favorite seiyuu (the one who plays the cool guy). He’s mentioned the anime on his blog sometimes (like here~

    I hope it gets better because this is not helping me to restore my faith in CLAMP XD


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