Kobato. #3 release date

Animate is stating that Kobato. #3 will be released in the end of December.

If they follow the same pattern used for the previous two volumes, we can expect it to be released on December 26 (exact one year after the release of the first volume).

I believe a proper release date should be announced in this month’s Newtype magazine.

Thank you Anonymous for letting me know about this!


5 thoughts on “Kobato. #3 release date

  1. Somewhat OT, but I’m going to ask you because you know everything CLAMP: do you know if there will be a Holic/Tsubasa calendar for sale for next year? I went round to my Japanese bookstore this morning and it wasn’t on their list of things they could order, and I fear this means there’s not one?

    Thanks in advance! 😀


    • Good question! I checked Kodansha’s website and TRC or XXXHOLiC isn’t listed among their calendars. In fact, they had very few series compared to the other years.

      Also, if there were a calendar, by now we would have heard some news about it, if we consider that in previous years they announced the callendars around August/September.

      Since we are in October and nothing has been said yet, I would say that we won’t have any calendars =/


      • Aw, rats. I had a feeling that was the case, but nonetheless argh. I’ll just have to have a year without the Yuuko-gumi on the wall! :S

        Thanks for checking for me!


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