Download: Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations – The Dream Seen by the Princess


Thanks to rusalkaz-san!!!

Same old drama again, I can’t download from either MegaUpload nor SendSpace. Could anyone please upload to to MediaFire for me? x_x It only allows up to 100 MB per file so you might want to split the file in 3 with HJ-Split *feels like he’s asking too much x_x*

Gigasize works too ^^”

Gigasize Mirror 1 thanks to
Gigasize Mirror 2 thanks to

Thank you so much everybody for your concern and efforts ^__^

I’ll write a commentary later.


53 thoughts on “Download: Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations – The Dream Seen by the Princess

  1. Tnx.

    Thank yoy very much, I was waiting for your news/post *____*
    Talking about fan’s impatience …. xD


  2. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto!!

    Hontou arigatou gozaimasu!! I’ve been waiting for this for so long. *glomps* Good things do come for those who truly deserve it and today it has been very lucky for me. ^^ I’m really going to enjoy this and I can’t wait with much anticipation for your commentary report!! >///< *SQUEE!*

    You've really made my day with this!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day and Clover Day! (No matter if they celebrate it in Brasil or not.)
    May the luck be on your side today, ne! ^.~

    Ja ne!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


        • Well, it’s not dynamic IP.

          I don’t know much of it, all I know is that is different than what most people have.

          For example, in Rapidshare, it’ll tell me that I’m downloading a file even though I’m NOT. Or that I have downloaded 564985 MB in the last hour even though I HAVEN’T. That kind of stuff.


        • I’ve tried web proxy but none of them are working.

          I installed that FoxyProxy add-on and still won’t work. It feels like I’m lying but I swear I’m not!

          Maybe I didn’t go through all the steps correctly (it asked me a few questions @_@)

          Thanks for all your efforts, your kindness moves me!


          • Indeed, in order for FoxyProxy to work, you need to correctly configure it. This add-on is very useful, so spending some time reading the faqs would pay off really soon. Good luck! ^_~


  3. Hey ChibiYuuto, thanks for briniging us this information. ^_^ Just to let you know, I’m uploading it for you right now and it’s about 1/3 done so as long no one uploads it first you’ll be able to use my link that’ll give you. I’m sorry that you aren’t able to download it but i’m trying to help you as quickly as I can. πŸ™‚


  4. *ish excited*
    Thank u so much for telling us! I see other people has offered to upload the file for you, but if anything goes wrong, I can try too >.< just ask!
    *waits anxiously*


  5. Thanks to rusalkaz-san, I downloaded earlier. I’m so happy~~! I guessed right that it ended at the end of Tokyo arc!!


  6. Thank you very much for posting the link ^^

    I’ve just watched this on it was realy good πŸ˜€ the only thing dissappointed me are Yuy’s scream and the fact Ohkawa deleted the scene when Fay say “Shinetai” snif *want to hear Ashura-ou *



  7. mmmm, i wondering why sakura kinomoto appears to help Sakura-hime, i believe that she will appears with the SubaruΒ΄s feather, but not!
    I love Ohkawa Nanase, she is a genious!


  8. just wonder if anyone has the same problem as me
    The anime’s sound and motion don’t match? o_0″
    It’s like seeing people’s mouth moving in fast pace for me T_T
    anyone has that problem? T_T


  9. OMG!!! It’s so true!!! But why CCS Sakura?????? O.o *brain explodes* I can’t believe my eyes!!! *rubs* The effect was sooo impulsive to me~~ XDDD


  10. Some things I noticed: (going by Shinsen’s sub)

    7:36 – Why do we see the back of Yuuko in a hologram??

    8:10 – Syaoran has no shoes on, yet we can hear them! (This happens other time, but I can’t find them right now :p)

    27:04 – Miyuki-chan!!

    Enjoyed it though πŸ™‚ Thanks Chibiyuuto.


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