Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations #3 SPOILER

…CCS!Sakura appears in The Dream Seen by the Princess?

What kind of cliffhanger are you planning, Ohkawa? Great way to end the series!

From what I hear, she doesn’t make a big appearance, more like a cameo and we can only see her back. But I’m not sure, please don’t kill me later if I’m wrong XD

But one thing is true: CCS!Sakura appears, how, where or when, I don’t know.


129 thoughts on “Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations #3 SPOILER

      • Well to be honest it is exciting but it’s just doesn’t make sense?! This is like the Land of Sakuras.

        I guess i just have to wait and see.

        and i was betting my money when you’re gonna appear and give a bit of scoop!!*


        • Hum, if she appears in Yuuko’s Japan, it would make a bit (or a lot) of a sense. It depends on how faithful to the manga the OADs will be from now on (that is, IF there will be a continuation).

          The thing is, she saved the BOMB for the last. That Ohkawa!

          >and i was betting my money when you’re gonna appear and give a bit of scoop!!*

          I guess you won the bet XDDDDD


    • Hi Jonatan! I’ve been good, how’ve you been? ^^

      It would be interesting seeing the OAD taking an alternative path. I don’t think they can animate the other 10 volumes in OADs.


      • we are the lonely ones, dear, everyone else seems to be happy >_<
        well anyways, a dose of KuroFainess will save my soul XD please, please, raws, be posted sooner! XD before i go to class that is


        • but CCSakura is nothing like TRC Sakura nothing at all!! so is a good thing!!

          but clone the boredome maiden in distress TRC Sakura is a terrible thing
          because she suck big time

          But CCSakura is awesome, not only cute she is a strong and brave female character i love her!! so much than i hate TRC Sakura
          mina want to see her adult her nivel of awesomenss only will improve if not i’m going to kill Clamp myself!!


          • it’s not about “bad” sakura and “good” sakura >_< even if i were CCS's fan it would still seem a bit sick to me! We now have what 3 Sakuras?! Three!!! -shakes head- this is unbelievable…


            • Yes that it is crazy!! the extra clone Sakura is the worse thing ever in plot wise of Clamp ever!!!

              you can think in the near future we will see a 2 clones kuro or something!!!! and then i go to kill Clamp too!!!


          • even if ccs’s sakura is gonna play a big role in TRC’s plot development from now on it still seems off to have 3 replicas of the same character in one story!
            we already have two in the main story and now they decide to add even more nonsense by throwing in a 3rd one…….


            • My headache SHALL NEVER go away at this rate… and wait, that means a third replica of Syaoran too????? great…. I’ll make a doodle of that …. I need time to think about something….


  1. OMG!!! O_o”” So maybe that is why she will know that “your Sakura is waiting somewhere else” (r!shao’s I mean) *_____*
    but that would make a big spoiler for the manga… or not? XD Everyone is suspecting this anyway xD


    • Oh here it begins. The thing I fear the most >.>

      Like it was not enuff with Syaoran’s sword in ova2…

      Fandom “theories” are soo creative XD


        • True πŸ˜›
          But I can’t see CCS!SAkura as Real’s sakura.

          It was made clear THAT chapter, that Real’s Sakura is waiting where FWR is. that is the clow!Sakura.


          • no, of course not. ccs is ccs and real is real – the clow πŸ™‚ i agree (but she is c!shao’s and not r!shao’s love unless c!s will dieeeee XD). or more than this – at fwr’s waits real soul and clone body XD this is stupid alredy. old sakura had only body memories of her childhood, new sakura will only have body memories of the travel XD poor Fai and Kuro ^^’
            ok, enough theories ^^’


            • Csyao’s love was C’. C’Syao’s love has already died in his arms πŸ˜›

              RSyao was supposed to meet R, but did not due to stuff by FWR.

              R’s body dissolved after FWR cloned her. So he needs C’s body intact, so he can put R’s soul into it.


              • huh? Oo how come? so which sakura was there before it all started? R! one, no? and that was who c!shao loved, no? Later fwr made a clone, trapped a r!soul and dissolved r!body? aaaaaaaaaaaaack I so totally don’t get it!! T____________T


                • Till the whole chase in ruins – it was with Real. After C!Syao found her floating in the air with these wings – it was the Cloned Sakura(both soul and body).

                  Apparently, cloning both body and soul is a lot more difficult and tricky, and so, after FWR cloned her, Real sakura’s body fell apart and soul entered FWR’s hourglass.

                  Clone Sakura’s soul died from C!syaoran’s hand. Since FWR needs a “full” sakura, he plans to insert Real Sakura’s soul into Clone Sakura’s now soulless body.
                  C!Syaoran traveled with C!Sakura. From how C!Sakura talked – she was his fated person, while R!Syaoran was SUPPOSED to meet up Real!Sakura in childhood, but it did not happen, so R!Syaoran’s fated person is Clow!Sakura.


                  • Till the whole chase in ruins – it was with Real.
                    So doesn’t that mean he loved the real? They wanted to say it to eachother in the first chapter. If cloned one died and she was his destined he will end up all alone T_T i don’t want that (maybe that is why I’m thinking that r!shao’s sakura is ccs ^^””” *begs for forgiveness*)


                    • WEll, when u think about it CLow!Syaoran was – TWO syaorans in one πŸ˜›

                      Clow Reed could feel R!Syaoran in C!Syaoran, so maybe R!Sakura unconsciously did to. Maybe she fell in love with R!SYaoran, through the Clone.

                      And we don’t know if Clone fell in love with R!sakura – PURE clone, without Real’s soul only met Sakura in Tokyo. He might have as well fallen in love with her there.


                    • Syaoran said the clone had feelings for “that Sakura” (referring to the cloned one), and never said anything about him having feelings for the real Sakura.

                      I’m not going to deny that they had a past together. But wasn’t R!Syaoran a part of that past aswell? His heart made up some, if not most of Clow!Syaoran, after all. Couldn’t it be that R!Sakura perhaps helped C!Syaoran begin to grow his own little heart through her kindness, but the heart that she unconsciously fell in love with and considered most important was actually R!Syaoran’s?


  2. it’s like a dream come true, ilove sakura from CCS
    But i really wonder what is in Ohkawa’s evil mind XD

    ZOMG!! this is so exciting *0*
    Thanks 4 thenews chibiyuutochan


    • She saved the best for the last, that evil woman! If that doesn’t make a continuation, I don’t know what else does xDDDD She used her most powerful weapon, she knows how to tease her fans.


  3. NOOOOOOOOOOO! ;o; As if the R!Syaoran = CCS!Syaoran thing wasn’t bad enough already!


    Excuse me while I just go off in a coma until the theory blows over.
    That said, CCS!Sakura appearing for a cameo is pretty awesome omfg.


  4. Seems like CCSakura is the one who shows to Sakura the way to go back home to Syaoran/Fay/Kurogane, because she didn’t remember it anymore (I gave a quick look over that page without translator or anything, if anybody finds this incorrect, please correct me :P)
    What to say? Just the fact that I’m commenting here says it all…I’m SOOOO excited about it!!:D


    • ANATA!!!!!! O_O *SHOCKED*

      THANKS FOR THE SCOOOP! I did read something around that, but I couldn’t make the connection.

      I wonder if she speaks anything at all or if she’ll just point the way like the ghosts in the manga.

      only this to make you go THIS excited about TRC XDDD


      • Ahahahah, scared, uh??
        Well, I saw that nobody told this piece of spoiler yet, so I thought to contribute a little bit πŸ˜› I’m pretty sure about that translation being correct, but unfortunately I didn’t see HOW CCSakura points the right direction to Sakura, after all I’m at work and I didn’t have time to read until the end of the page.
        Neee, aren’t you happy that I’m commenting here after like…2 years or something? Ahahah! Don’t nitpick πŸ˜›


        • I was GENUINELY shocked! O_O

          I’ll be looking forward to your more in-depth translations once you get home.

          >Neee, aren’t you happy that I’m commenting here after like…2 years or something? Ahahah! Don’t nitpick πŸ˜›

          ‘Course I am! It was such a good suprise!


  5. Wow, CCS sakura?! O.O How, omg, I need to see the OVA! >.< That is awesome,but abit confusing and weird…

    Why would they put CCS Sakura guiding the TRC sakura? O.o

    Can't wait…. Bouncing with excitment.


  6. Ohoh~! That’s great!
    As far as I know Tokyo Revelations should be revealed today but I can’t find them anywhere… Maybe you know If this OAV will be available soon… *^^*


  7. I can’t even find a raw, it’s upsetting.

    But Random Curiosity has jumped the boat and done a review.
    Here’s the bit with Sakura:
    “they replaced the shadowy spirits that Sakura saw on her journey back after getting the egg with CCS Sakura. … In the manga, those spirits were supposed to represent the people who had passed away, but in this OVA, I’m not entirely sure what the symbolism was or if it was just a form of fanservice. It makes sense most in the context of the episode title (”The Dream that the Princess Saw”) because Sakura questions at the end of the episode if it was a dream or illusion, and perhaps we’re supposed to infer that it was something the feather did to save her.”


      • I really don’t know what to think. Is Ohkawa actually hinting on something for the end of TRC with this or is just, like you said, fanservice?
        I don’t know, I liked the dead people spirits best, because it shows more in the spirit of Tsubasa and Sakura’s good luck. To me is unnecesary, even if it’s nice to see little Sakura again, and smiling.


  8. REALLY? yo i’ve been waiting for something like this to happen! i’ve always wanted the gang to least, just once, find their alternate being from a different world! (is that how you say it?) but i heard someone say it was impossible with some scientific reasoning which I don’t remember. XD damns.

    hey wait, doesn’t it come out today?! :O


  9. I just saw a pic of it. She appears from the front! And she extends her hand to someone, and is using her school uniform! I thought it was a fake, but after you said it does happen I don’t know what to belive anymore!

    I need to have this OAD as soon as possible!!! When you find where to dfownload it, I’ll be eagerly awaiting for it.


  10. thanks a lot chibiyuuto,wow now in my country is 1:42 and i still have one hour and i will watch it,it will be so awesome night.i can’t wait to see it!!!!!!


  11. .RE: ..CCS!Sakura appears in The Dream Seen by the Princess?

    Yes! She does appear in the OVA! You can actually see her face too. What’s more interesting is that at the end of the OVA, Sakura-Hime remembers seeing CCS Sakura. Why would they put her in like that though? The manga doesnt show that TRC Sakura sees CCS Sakura….


    • Re: .RE: ..CCS!Sakura appears in The Dream Seen by the Princess?

      Probably because it’s too hard to make many ghosts and would be scary. Instead of ghosts that led Sakura, they used CCS Sakura. I also saw some other comments that CCS Sakura is just a fan service.


  12. CCS!Sakura confirmed

    I just finished watching it….

    CCS appears at the part where TRC!Sakura is on her way back and she can’t find her way….CCS appears to guide her.


  13. Oh my, it’s been so long since we’ve seen CCS!Sakura in anime form (well, since Clamp in Wonderland 2). Ohkawa-sensei is the one who wrote the script right? So is there any deeper meaning to CCS!Sakura making an appearance before TRC!Sakura? Or am I reading too much into it?


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