TRC 184!

Up at The Room of Requirement =)

Short comments this time,
because I have classes tonight
because there isn’t much development in this chapter
because there are no translations available as of now

– Their faces look so weird in the first page xD
– Mokona draws beautiful passersby
– Miyuki-chan in Clow-land!
– The little boy is adorable xD
– What the heck, the city is in a loop? I know! It’s a Clow Card, it’s TIME! I wonder if this is related to Fei Wang’s “cut off” time.
– I guess this chapter was easier to draw thanks to those repetitions xDD


48 thoughts on “TRC 184!

  1. I think the loop is related to the cut-off like you mentioned. It can’t be Time because Time is specific to the anime universe.

    I wasn’t that impressed with the drawings for some reason though, it still has that prelude kind of feel.

    But the little boy is adorable.


    • > It can’t be Time because Time is specific to the anime universe.

      Just wanted to point out that the character Shougo who appeared in Hanshin Republic only appeared in the X movie.


      • They also used a RETURN card-like event in Nihon and it’s anime-specific as well.
        Not to mention the pet that Syaoran gave Sakura that looks exactly like DASH, anime-only. Syaoran liking archeology in CCS was only in the anime. I consider anything Ohkawa penned to be fair game…
        Anymore, (especially ever since we found out about Sakura) I’m not counting anything out. ^_^;
        I can’t think of all the others right now–I just got off of work… O_o

        I had forgotten about Shougo…I still need to watch X TV and movie–not to mention read the manga. XD


        • >Not to mention the pet that Syaoran gave Sakura that looks exactly like DASH, anime-only

          What pet? O.o

          I agree that just because it happens only in the anime it doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the manga. We have Debonair too and who knows if MeiLing won’t show up? As long as it has Ohkawa’s approval, I too consider it fair game (for example, we’ll NEVER see that lame “King Chaos” in Tsubasa or any other title, EVER xD).


          • In one of the early season 2 episodes of Tsubasa Chronicle (back when it was still… almost watchable), there was an anime-only story which included Sakura remembering how she got a sand rabbit (looking remarkably like Dash) as a pet (from Syaoran, though she doesn’t remember him in the memory). Sorata and Arashi also showed up in that episode. It had a rather bittersweet ending…


    • >It can’t be Time because Time is specific to the anime universe.

      Alright, I was joking (see the strike?) XDDDDDDDD It must be the cut-off time. And the weird thing is that it seems to be happening lately, instead of being like that since always.

      I think because lately I’ve been seeing a lot of Nekoi’s passersby due to the recent Kobato. chapters, and seeing those by Mokona was a bit of a shock because they are so detailed!


      • Although I am a huge fan of Nekoi, there’s no question of how better Mokona’s are.

        I did get a “Ok, ok, where’s the money shot” feeling.


  2. it’s not there

    Hi again!!!
    I’m sorry because I always boder you about the same damn thing but… I can not see the new chapter in the room of requirement.
    I have looked for it in all the pages I know and I didn’t find it. I can wait till tomorrow, but then I saw the message.
    I looked it but in my page only appears to be until chapter 183.
    I’m really sorry to boder u, but maybe u can help me as u did with Kobato’s chapter.
    I would like to invite you, if u like, to my fotolog pages: (about competitions) (normal pics, now posting about X 1999)


    • Re: it’s not there

      Hum… I’m sorry but I think it must be a problem with your cache or browser since everybody else seems to be seeing the updates just fine. Try cleaning your temporary internet files when that happens.

      Thanks for the invitation for your Fotologs, but it’s in spanish and unfortunately I don’t speak spanish ^^;;; Thanks anyway ^_^


      • Re: it’s not there

        Don’t worry. I continue not finding it in room of requirement but I could see it in
        Thank you for your answer
        and don’t worry about my fotologs, it was just an invitation
        I apreciated you take time to look at them at least
        best wishes


  3. >>>What the heck, the city is in a loop? I know! It’s a Clow Card, it’s TIME!

    Or it’s The Loop! Quick, Sakura! Get out The Sword!

    (thank you for the (breif) commentary. As always. ^^)


    • I think it’s more of TIME’s doing since the townspeople seem to don’t realize they are living it all over again. At least with loop, the people running in the marathon were conscious about that being a long, never-ending marathon, while with Time nobody except Sakura, Syaoran and Kero realized they were living the same things all over again.

      But I DON’T think it’s a Clow card, LOL keep that in mind XDDD


  4. Did I get it all wrong?

    When the group entered to Clow country and they met the boy was evening, right? However, when they woke up in the morning they met the boy again. It is supposed that this action happens in the evening but it was repeated in the morning. Then this means that the loop is only a summary of some actions and they can occur at any hour of the day. Therefore, Fei Wang not only created a loop, he can control the time in which it occurs.

    O.K. I will stop thinking about this or more crazy theories will come.

    Anyway, thanks for the cleaned scans ^___^


    • Re: Did I get it all wrong?

      It was evening as far as I know. It was day-time and the boy asked them to stay in his house. They had dinner and they all slept, when they woke up, it was day again, around the same time they first arrived to Clow country.


      • Re: Did I get it all wrong?

        Then that means that I got all wrong. O.K. I will never study while I read tsubasa XDDDDD

        By the way, thanks! my studies are going well. Actually, more than being busy studying or doing homework, recently I have got many extracurricular occupations. Therefore, when was your birthday I had more free time than I have now, and I could manage to do it but I for got to tell you; that was the interesting thing, sorry ^^U I blame you CEUDLA ò___ó So, you can find the drawing here


  5. CLAMP don’t forget Miyuki! XDD
    Strange things in this chapter… and a very strange coincidence:

    Or maybe I’m imagining things. LOL 8D
    Thanks for the cleaned version. ^^


  6. How many chapters are there left? I wish this will end so they could work on a different series… like X and Gohou drug XDD. (or vampire twins’ side story, preferably with less Seishirou)


    • We don’t know, officialy. They haven’t given any deadline for Tsubasa. But if you ask ME what I think, I think it’ll be 28 volumes, with 225 chapters (or around that).

      That means there are some 40 chapters left. But that’s just MY OWN guess, let me make this very clear xD


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