The Dream Seen by the Princess screencaps

The official website of Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations has been updated yet again (probably its last revealing update) to reveal screencaps of the 3rd and final installment of the OAD series.

There’s also a new (and very beautiful) background illustration.

Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations – The Dream Seen by the Princess comes out next March 17.


22 thoughts on “The Dream Seen by the Princess screencaps

  1. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto!!

    Thanks for the latest updates of the 3rd TRC OAD! *bows*
    The background illustration is pretty nice. ^^
    I can’t believe that the flow of time passes by so fast since the 2nd OAD.
    I hope that when the 3rd one is released, it will be a good one…

    Hontou arigatou gozaimasu! *glomps*

    Ja ne!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


  2. Wow.. Mokona is sho shmall in the new BG.. xD Sorry, I haven’t seen the first and second OAD but I have them! I’m waiting for this one to complete the set, then I’ll watch all three together! Thank you so much for updating us with these news!


  3. Gyaaaaaaa~~ Nice pics!!!! Today’s really my day!! At first, our school invite someone from Life College to give us a motivation talk… Guess who did Life College invite to my school??

    日比野 則彦 Hibino Norihiko (music composer of Metal Gear Solid, Ninja XXX and etc… He works for Konami), Jeff Curry & Eiji Mandai~~~~ Woooooohhhooooo~~ (hey, I think I’m qualified to join Shougo’s team~~) Norihiko-san showed us some of his works and told what do we need to be in the video game and music industry… A boy who’s also a Big Nihon fan joined my madness, we keep showing each others ‘thumbs-up’ and giggle madly… We couldn’t talk coz the school seperate the girls and boys… After that, Norihiko and Jeff Curry played a song for us!! Jeff with the bass and Norihiko with the sax~~

    My school almost turned into High school musical XDDD~~ We got their autographs too~~ And Norihiko’s name card!!!! With his signature on it~~~ Then it was photo session~~ By class we took photo with the two of them, Eiji didn’t join us… Then I drag my friend and requested Norihiko to take a PRIVATE photo with us~~ It was a SUCCESS!!!

    Then, you came blowing me with the Official’s updates~~ Wheeeee~~ ARIGATOU NE~~


  4. Hoooo….I just watched the last trailer …I’m just so excited, I want to see it >w<

    Sorry, if you had to answer this question a lot before…but how do you extract images from the site ? (I love the character design of the real Shaolan when he's young…and the backgrounds illustrations…and…and…♥♥♥).
    I hope they'll go further with new OAD * I'm crossing my fingers very hard XD*


  5. Yuuto-san!!! *pula e abraça*
    Otanjoubi Omedetou!!! Não esqueci não do seu niver. Agora estou sem internet, só em la no momento T___T
    Desejo muitas felicidades, sucesso e saúde!



    P.S: Mandei p/ o orkut tb ^^’


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