New Layout !

About time ! I know XD

As much as I loved the previous one, I was getting sick of it already XD The last one stayed for what, a year? XD Sorry I didn’t change it earlier, I probably didn’t have the time, patience or inspiration ^^”

But here it is ! I confess Syaoran is not the kind of character I would make a layout with, so believe me, it was a challenge XD But I think the latest events of Tsubasa (with all those Syaorans) inspired me to do it.

I liked the color scheme of it, opaque colors are my latest addiction when making a design XDD

If only that horrid LJ bar wouldn’t interfere on it ¬¬

The main pic, as you know, is from the cover of volume 9 and the sketches were taken from the first Character Guide.

I made a wallpaper version of it, for those who would like to see it in it’s integrity or for those who simply liked it and want to use it as a wallpaper ^^

Here (1024×768)

44 thoughts on “New Layout !

    • I LOVE YOU ! ♥

      Shame on me for not knowing about it, though (I did search for something but I couldn’t find anything ^^”)

      Thanks for the compliments on the layout ! *bows*


  1. wow um novo layout!
    mais uma vez yuuto san nos mostra suas habilidades e o resultado é um layout foda! XD

    aew, ficou muito bom *como sempre ç___ç* vc eh mesmo muito bom com essas coisas^^”
    flw o/~~


  2. OMG! You changed layout AT LAST! ?__? But as you said last layout was too long! I was so bored looking on it again.
    And WTF~~ This new is really cool ^_~~ And thank you very much for Wall ’cause I thought about changing it :]


    • LOL ! Sorry~~~~ I know it stayed for too long >.< But as I said, I didn't have the time (the end of the semester in college got me really busy) and there's also the fact that I simply didn't have any inspiration/will to make a new one.

      There were a couple of "attempts" before I came up with this one, but none of them made me happy enough and I didn't think they would make good layouts so I dropped them at the beginning of the proccess.

      So it's not like I wasn't trying XD because I was, just that it took long to finally get to one I really like.

      Glad to know that you liked it, though ! I promise I'll try my best to not let this one stay for the same long period as the previous one xDDD


  3. That’s nice! But I tend to gush all over these kinds of things because my skills of them are literally nonexistant. (I think the previous layout you put up in March?)

    Like the wallpaper! Snagging. 🙂


  4. Haha, I love it how you make your default icon go together with the layout. It’s gorgeous, by the way, the new one. The main image, but especially the colors. ^__^


  5. I love your previous wallpaper from X, but this one is way cool with Syaoran from the cover of book 8 and all the rough sketches of Syaoran. It is cute but is kind of sad that now Syaoran has no heart. It is way creative and in the words of Tomoyo Daidouji: “Subarashii desu wa!”

    Hope you keep bringing us good news, scans, and stuff. Can’t wait for that! You are the best!


    • >It is way creative and in the words of Tomoyo Daidouji: “Subarashii desu wa!”

      Hahaha Thank you very much ^____^

      >Hope you keep bringing us good news, scans, and stuff. Can’t wait for that! You are the best!

      Awww, you can bet I will ^__^ Thanks for the support !!!


  6. thanks for featuring syaoran in your new layout! He looks so beautiful in this particular image, and the sketches are so cute also. great job.


  7. woooow, you changed your layout! and you went from red to blue xD but it looks great! I love the sketches & scribbles in different colors, gives it a nice touch ^^

    yay, wallpaper!! Taking it


  8. What amazes me is how you manage to make an old pic (which many people have seen it many times) to make it look, like a brand new and different and incredible pic O.O I whish i had that kind of gift…¬¬u
    Congratulations is really incredible (and addictive to watch ¬¬)
    (obviously taking the wallpaper ^__~)


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