– Next chapters scheduled (red means new):

07/26 – Shonen Magazine #34 – Chapter 123 (on sale).
08/02 – Shonen Magazine #35 – Chapter 124 – Last chapter of tank 16.
08/09 – Shonen Magazine #36 & #37 – Chapter 125 – 3 color pages, beginning of tank 17.
08/23 – Shonen Magazine #38 – Chapter 126.
08/30 – Shonen Magazine #39 – Chapter 127.

CLAMP is being way too good with us, don’t you think? XD I hope they don’t change that on the next update.

As I previously posted, the #16 tank is going to be released on September 15th.

The 4th Soundtrack of the Tsubasa anime will be released on September 21st. The first run will come with a mouse pad and a wide book case as privileges.

Just as the previous one, the 2007 Calendar of Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC will also come with the little Mokona=Modoki desktop calendar featuring brand new illustrations. As for the calendar itself, it’s measures are of 382mm×382mm featuring 13 illustrations, in which 3 will be brand new (the cover and 2 other color pages), just like the previous ones.
The reservations will be accepted until September 30th.

– Next chapters scheduled (red means new):

07/31 – Young Magazine #35 – Chapter 114.
08/07 – Young Magazine #36 & #37 – Chapter 115.
08/21 – Young Magazine #38 – Chapter 116.
08/28 – Young Magazine #39 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.

Same rules of the calendar above apply here as well.

For those who follow the anime, the broadcast will be taking a break on August 17th and August 24th, which means the broadcast will be resumed on August 31st, where episode 20 will be aired.


It has been decided that the definitive title of Kobato shall be 『こばと。』, which is, literally “Kobato.” (please, notice the little dot! XD) No more “(Temporary)”, add a dot instead xD
It looks prettier in japanese than roman-ized but, that’s how we at CLAMP No Lumiere will be referring at it.
The first chapter of the new series (as if everybody didn’t know already) will be published on Newtype November issue, on sale October 10th.

Card Game:
CLAMP will draw illustration(s) for the card game Dimension-Zero. Each pack will be costing 330 yens and the sales will start on October 28th.
I’m not sure how many cards CLAMP actually drew, but I’m curious to see it (them) anyway ^^

Seems like the little chess pieces of CLAMP No Kiseki made success xD

Produced by Pyrotechnist and designed by 佐藤嘉昭 (sorry, names are too much for me xD), little figures of CLAMP character, much like the CnK chess pieces, will be available for purchase starting on November 10th.

It’ll be a total of 40 figures, divided in 8 series and they shall all be released until August of 2008.
The first series (this one), comes with the figures of Sakura (TRC), Li Syaoran, Yuuko, Chii (Elda) and (Oh!) Kazahaya.
Each figure will cost 525 yens.

When you think they have released enough…

Anyway ! xD

And last but not least, ladydarkmoon-san posted bigger versions of the covers of TRC 15 and XXXHOLiC 9.

67 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

  1. O_O they haven’t even finished the CnK set in America yet….. ;~; then they come out with another series to collect….

    thank you for a link to the scans though. i’ve been looking for them. 🙂


      • no one knows when it’ll be finished. apparently the sales didn’t go as well as planned cuz they only released them to borders book stores… unfortunatly for alot of people borders is really far away… it’s at least a half hour drive to get there from my house. they stopped on number 6 and currently dont have any plants to release 7-12. ;_; damn tokyopop.


          • i hope so too. ;_; if they wanted to sell more of them they shoulda released them to barnes and nobel as well as…. and what’s with the $30 thing… bit expensive for a book that’s less than 100 pages and 3 plastic figurines….

            it’s evil, i swear.


  2. Ooowwwwww!!! XD XD XD
    Those little figures are really ttttoooo ccuuuuteee! Kyahh!!! I hope I will be able to buy them one way or another (like in ebay or something maybe…?)
    And God! The fourth soundtrack is already scheduled to be released?! I’m still waiting for my ost2 special edition to come from Japan (damn the slow mailing services!!! Shipping something from Asia to Europe takes always an ETERNITY) T___T There’s no end to all the goodies I wanna buy…


  3. ok, thanks, I know now what to buy september the 15th XDDDDD and I’m very curios for those 3 color pages… c’mon clamp you owe us some color pictures of Subaru…


  4. Do you think that as they’ve dropped the “temporary” from Kobato that it’s going to be permanent (without any year long breaks in it)? Or am I just hopeful 🙂

    And those figures are cute… guess my credit card will be taking a beating later this year 😉


    • I do think that now Kobato’s publication will no longer be weird of have gaps of one year between chapters ^^
      Before it was just an experimentation, CLAMP was asked to draw only 7 chapters for Sunday GX. Now it’s for real !


  5. OMG~~!! Firstly, BIG THANKS for so good news.
    Ah, I agree with You CLAMP is making fantastic thing for fans. So Tsubasa is going to be publishing from now to finish off holidays! That great news~~!
    Even Holic is going to be published in three following weeks! OMG~~ CLAMP use holidays to work harder YAY!
    And that figures looks so kawaii @___@ I want that with Yuuko xD
    Yeah Kobato looks prettier in Japanese it’s sweet that CLAMP stayed with this title I liked it from the time I get info about this series :]


    • >So Tsubasa is going to be publishing from now to finish off holidays! That great news~~!

      Indeed, isn’t it?? I’m so happy ! With all those climax every week, it would be too mean to have long breaks between chapters ^^


  6. OMG O___O
    This is too much for me T_T
    Not only the CnK chess piece but now even this.. *suicide*
    The Kazahaya and the Chii ones are just a-we-so-me! (the reverenge of Kazahaya for not be in CnK figures XD)
    I can’t wait to see the next series *-* (for die another time >v


    • >the reverenge of Kazahaya for not be in CnK figures XD
      WORD ! I want it ! >-The title of Kobato with that dot is so cute XD yay
      I know ! It’s like SDS’s title: ” ‘Suki. Dakara Suki’ ” ^^

      And you’re welcome for the news, always ^^


  7. arigato, chibiyuuto! You know, I got a special atraction to chibis-maybe thats why i like ed, hehe, and sure the chibione is the only episode i love from the infame tsubasa anime-
    even when yuuko is not a chara i like too much, she look so cute! I want her and chibi-syaoran! jeeey, and with the chameleon! that was one of the funniest episodes from ccs!… ñif, i wonder if i coud ever found those adorable chibis around here some day.


    • Vai acabar no episodio 22, dai o 23 e o 24 vao sair só no ultimo DVD (que só vai sair em Fevereiro do ano que vem).

      Agora, segunda temporada ainda naum foi confirmada, mas eu -acho- e espero q vai ter, mas naum tenho certeza de nada ^^

      Desculpa pela demora pra respoder ^^”


  8. Suteki on those kawaii chibi-sized figurines! I wonder how am I going to collect them? As for the upcoming news about the scans, arigatou gozaimasu! Ureshii (I’m so happy) on the account that Tsubasa scans will only have a one week break! That manga is getting better with all the suspense going on.

    Hachigatsu no news wa arigatou gozaimasu, Chibi-Yuuto!

    Can’t wait for tomorrow to get my hands on Chapter 124! I hope that everyone’s request about the emerging of Subaru will come true. Cross your fingers for that!

    X___X & (Note: This supposed to be an anxious person crossing the fingers)


  9. >CLAMP is being way too good with us, don’t you think? XD I hope they don’t change that on the next update.

    They are too good indeed, am I dreaming? Are they angels?

    >Each figure will cost 525 yens.

    Where did you read that, I was under the impression there were sold in pack of 5 … maybe I’m deludidng myself -_-


    • I´m hoping the figures to be sold in packs, It would be too rare (and expensive! XD). May be they are gashapons (which would be incredible :D), and if it is like that they would be out in two ways, first in the machines and second in packs of five (sometimes six)… I guess we would have to wait >.


    • >Where did you read that, I was under the impression there were sold in pack of 5 …

      LOL ! I don’t know ! I was under the impression that each SERIES would come with 5 figures, each costing 525 ^^
      I just thought that 525 was WAY too cheap for 5 figures XD


  10. I WANT THAT!!!!!! *points at the pictures*
    Finally! a Kazahaya figure!!!!!! ….I think I´m going to faint >…


    • I want the Kazahaya figure as well T___T And Yuuko’s one too … but Kazahaya’s firstly XDDD

      >too cold out there
      Gaaah, tell me about it ! The temperature here is starting to rise, thank gosh ^^ But I know you like cold xD

      Sorry about the delay on the reply u.u


      • Don´t worry about the reply, altough you didn´t win against me in late replyies xDDDDDDD
        I just read, chapter 124, you are right they are SO leaving, I guess your birthday gift is ending… U.U (yes, I believe that world was a secret gift from you, from clamp, from destiny, believe what you want, but it makes sense for me XD)


  11. Ne, Chibiyuuto, you seem to know everything about everything CLAMP. Do many people have this 15th Anniversary CLAMPazar CD box that I have? I’m always just leeching. I thought, if people don’t already have this, I would upload it to somewhere. Do you think people would want that?



  12. woots

    woah long time I didn’t comment! x_x I’m so sorry!, but life stuff happen like…school x___X!! and works and kyaaa, but I’ve been readings your posts! and I see you are busy too XD I hope you have more time free chibi yuuto-sama!, ya know? I miss your anime episode reviews o_o;; I always enjoyed reading them, specially xxxholic ones…cuz I dislike tsubasa’s anime now (I’ll may like it again later), I wanna kick those in charge of it x_x;;;, I read about the ranking you posted, and yesh, I’m not surprised xxxholic is doing better! *ish in love with the anime* but poor tsubasa ;__; I mean…I dunno to where it is heading ;____;, not to mention the manga is killing me XD but in a really good way!! XD.

    Woah clamp is working pretty hard! they’re being so nice with us!! *-* *ish waiting for the color pages* and those figures are SO CUTEEEEEEEE SQUEEEE!! XDDDDDDDDD lol, that’s all I’m gonna say for now :3 chibi yuuto take care! I hope you are doing fine! and thank you so much for posting even when ya are busy ;_;


    • Re: woots

      >but life stuff happen
      Tell me about it ! I’m also very late here because of real life stuff ^^”

      >I miss your anime episode reviews o_o;;
      Aww, do you? Thank you very much ! I will have more free time from now on, and I’ll do my best to start doing the reviews again ^__^ I’m so glad you liked them !
      I’m not sure about Tsubasa, in fact, I might do it just to loath it XDDDD but XXXHOLiC is definitely more appealing to me ^^

      And you’re welcome for the news ^__^ From now on I’ll be posting more regurlarly ^^ Please look forward to that ^^


  13. Hello! I’ve been following you CLAMP-y posts for a while now. They’re very useful. Thank you so much for all your efforts. :3 Is it okay if I add you to my friendlist?

    Also, I was wondering – does the Tsubasa/xxxHolic calendar feature manga illustrations or pictures from the anime? And what do you mean by reservations, reservations for what? 😮


    • Oho~ very nice to meet you ^__^ Thank you very much for reading my LJ during this time ^__^

      And I don’t mind at all if you add me, in fact, I would really love that ^__^

      >does the Tsubasa/xxxHolic calendar feature manga illustrations or pictures from the anime?
      No no, it’s all drawn by CLAMP ^__^ It’ll be a collection of the pics released through the year (manga covers, color pages) but it’ll come with 2 brand new images ^^

      >And what do you mean by reservations, reservations for what? 😮
      Because calendar sales are limited, so you gotta make a reservation on the bookstore ^^


      • Nice to meet you too! ^___^ And yey, I’m adding you now~

        Awesome! I love the manga’s style much more than the anime’s.
        How can I make a reservation and where? I’m in need of a calendar, anyway. I hope it isn’t too pricey. :> I expect it to be somewhat expensive, but I hope not too much so.


        • I’m really not the best person to tell you such information, because I never bought one myself xDDD But I think you should ask to your local bookstore O.o Do you have any japanese bookstore near your house? Ask them if they’ll be accepting reservations for these calendars. Although you should really ask for someone who already done this before.
          Sorry I wasn’t of much help for you =\


          • Ah… I thought it might be available online somewhere. No Japanese bookstores here, unfortunately. >: I don’t think there’s one in the entire country. Maybe this big comic book shop here will be able to get it, though. -won’t give up!-

            It’s no problem. You helped a lot. Thanks! 😀


  14. 08/09 – Shonen Magazine #36 & #37 – Chapter 125 – 3 color pages, beginning of tank 17.
    08/23 – Shonen Magazine #38 – Chapter 126.

    Wah, another two week wait after next week’s chapter 😥 Thanks for the info!


  15. I got the terrible impresion that tsubasa next chapt will be more explicative- of course, is about time, isnt?- but they will kept the more exciting and important confession till the other chapt. so we will have to wait for another 2 weeks… thats called sadism, and they master it.
    aaagh, chibiyuuto, i miss your comments. please, come back soon.


  16. I don’t know what’s better — that there’s a Gohou Drug figure included in the set (and in the first round, no less!), or that the Yuuko includes a DRAMATIC COLUMN AND DRAPERY. It’s just so damn right. XD

    (Sorry about not replying to the comment you left on my LJ sooner — I saw it and have been meaning to, but I’ve been swamped the last few evenings moving things around between computers (and the computers I’m transferring data from like to freeze suddenly in the middle of things, so… >


    • >that there’s a Gohou Drug figure included in the set (and in the first round, no less!), or that the Yuuko includes a DRAMATIC COLUMN AND DRAPERY. It’s just so damn right. XD

      WORD ! I noticed the DRAMATIC COLUMN right away XDDDDD

      >Sorry about not replying to the comment you left on my LJ sooner
      So you saw it !! ^__^ But don’t worry about being late ! I’m also so damn busy this week @_@

      >Anyway, just wanted to tell you quick that I appreciated all the kind words
      Aww, you’re welcome ^___^

      >and will get around to an actual response some time over the weekend! ^^
      Cool ! I’ll be looking forward to it ^__^

      Good luck with your freezing computers ^^”””


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