CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION: Magic Knight Rayearth 2 covers

The covers of all 3 volumes of Magic Knight Rayearth 2 for the CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION edition have been announced!

CLAMP decided to switch the order of appearance: in the classic version, Hikaru was at the forefront of volume 1 and Fuu was at the forefront of volume 3. It was the other way around for CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION. The color tone for the covers is the same as the classic series.

There had been some speculation among fans that the covers for the second series would feature additional characters. Some speculated that it would feature the characters from the foreigner countries (as they are in the back covers of the classic series), but the concept that CLAMP chose was: the magic knight and their loved ones.

Here’s the complete release schedule for Magic Knight Rayearth in CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION:

November 11, 2022: Magic Knight Rayearth volumes 2 & 3
December 13, 2022: Magic Knight Rayearth 2 volume 1
January 13, 2023: Magic Knight Rayearth 2 volumes 2 & 3

So this is it for Magic Knight Rayearth in CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION =) Looking very much forward for the next title which should be published by Kadokawa (fans are guessing it’s gonna be RG Veda)