Card Captor Sakura TV Anime 25th Anniversary project

The TV Anime of Card Captor Sakura is celebrating today 24 years since its original broadcast. The first episode of the original TV Anime adaptation was aired on April 7th of 1998 in NHK channel.

To celebrate, it’s been announced that a 25th Anniversary project was launched.

A series of special events and goods based on the original and Clear Card series are scheduled for the coming year, while gearing up for April 7th, 2023, when the 25th Anniversary will be officially celebrated.

A new key visual has been released, featuring Sakura from Clear Card, inspired by the classic key visual from the original series:


Moreover, the official Card Captor Sakura twitter account asked fans to stay tuned for future announcements and fans are speculating that it could be the much anticipated Clear Card Season 2 announcement:

The series’ sound director, Mima Masafumi, who very seldom tweets about Card Captor Sakura, has retweeted an article about the 25th Anniversary that was published on a Japanese website, contributing for the speculation of a Season 2 being in production:

I personally think the timing is perfect to tie in with the manga ending. It’s really extremely hard to believe that a series with the magnitude of Card Captor Sakura will be left with its anime adaptation unfinished.

It will be at least a year long of celebrations so stay tuned!


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