XXXHOLiC Live Action movie: limited illustration card and comment by CLAMP

With the opening date for the XXXHOLiC live action moving drawing near, it’s been announced today that a limited amount of cards illustrated by CLAMP will be distributed to those to come to watch the movie at the theaters. They don’t specify how many postcards will be available.

In the new illustration, the cast of XXXHOLiC can be seen wearing the same costumes as seen in the movie. The setting is also akin to the movie.

© X.M.F.P © C・ST/K

Moreover, CLAMP released a formal comment for the first time since the movie announcement:

Which can be roughly translated as:

The work called “XXXHOLiC”, for which director Mika Ninagawa loves it deeply,
the wish for wanting to see the “picture” and “story” that she envisions has come true.

As original authors,
we are very happy as a movie fan.

In return, director Mika Ninagawa tweeted:

Which can be roughly translated as:

What a great message!!!

Moreover, everyone’s in their movie outfits in the new drawn illustration!
What should I do,
I’m so happy I could die…

Despite this, CLAMP and Mika Ninagawa are still not following each other on twitter, as they once did.

Source: CLAMP-NET.COM, XXXHOLiC live action movie twitter, Mika Ninagawa twitter

I’m really happy about this because for the first time in months (and about time, really), we have an official statement from CLAMP.

They have spoken informally about the movie in some of their twitter spaces, but always very briefly. The postcard is a nice gift to the fans, too. I’m glad they did it.

I did notice, however, that CLAMP’s comments were not included in the movie official website along with everyone else’s. They can be seen only in the News section that talks about the postcard.

There are many ways to interpret CLAMP’s comment. They were, of course, very polite. But the impression I had reading the comment is that the movie is Mika Ninagawa’s vision entirely, which makes perfect sense given that she’s the director. I do wonder if there were any disagreements between her and CLAMP, which led to this “distant” approach from CLAMP.

Could this be an olive branch? I hope so.


3 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC Live Action movie: limited illustration card and comment by CLAMP

  1. It’s strange that they didn’t put 原作: CLAMP at the beginning as the previous teaser does. I think it’s not so respected. CLAMP becomes so tiny in the end. 😦


  2. The film is definitely Mika Ninagawa’s version of xxxHOLiC. But she respects the original very much, she clearly is a fan. She adapted and changed a few things, but nothing really hurting the original. And the film is for CLAMP fans, as the plot may be too complicated to those who don’t know their universe.


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