The covers of XXXHOLiC #7 and #8 for the CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION edition have been announced!

They will be released on November 5. They can be ordered via Amazon Japan (volume 7, volume 8).

This time we got pretty vibrant colors as backgrounds.

My predictions were right! But then again, it wasn’t hard to guess at all…

I think Yuuko is looking more like her classic self on the cover of volume 7. On the cover of volume 8, she is looking a bit younger again ^^” Also, isn’t it the first time we see the Spider Lady colored by CLAMP?

My predictions for volumes 9 and 10 are Haruka and Kohane, although I would love to see Neko Musume in color for the first time (but I don’t know if she is popular/important enough for that).

Here’s the upcoming release schedule for XXXHOLiC:

December 2021: volumes 9 & 10
January 2022: volumes 11 & 12
February 2022: volumes 13 & 14
March 2022: volumes 15 & 16
April 2022: volumes 17 & 18
May 2022: volume 19 & ?