Tsubaki Nekoi Twitter Space – May 28, 2021

DISCLAIMER: This Twitter Space session happened live on Tsubaki Nekoi’s official Twitter account and recordings were not made available anywhere after the transmission was over. The information available here was gathered in a collaborative effort from multiple reports and impressions from fans from all over the world who took notes as the session was happening live. Please be aware that this report may contain inaccuracies and is subject to corrections.

  • This was the first time Tsubaki Nekoi-sensei made a twitter space on her twitter account. She was at the own house with Ohkawa-sensei and Igarashi-sensei. At one point, Mokona-sensei started listening from her own place.
  • The first part was an hour long segment about ghost stories.
  • The second part was a 38-minutes segment. Halfway through it, they were joined by Jun’ichi Fujisaku, one of the screenwriters for BLOOD-C.

Let’s keep this a collaborative effort! If you found mistakes or if you think you can contribute with more information, please contact me.


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