Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~ #10 first week sales report

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The tenth volume of Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~ debuted at the 9th position in Oricon’s weekly ranking, with an estimate of 54,943 copies sold in its first week of sales for the regular edition.  The Special Edition (Character Song CD) debuted at the 46th position, with an estimate of 20,315 copies sold. Combining the numbers of the regular and special editions together, it sold an estimate of 75,258 copies in its release week.

This is the second lowest first week sales for a Clear Card volume, only behind volume 2. This also happened last time, with volume 9, but unfortunately the numbers for volume 10 were even lower. It is also the lowest debut position along with volume 6, which also ranked 9 at Oricon in its first week.

Special edition numbers aside and looking at regular edition numbers alone, volume 10 had the worst performance in a first week for all volumes released so far, but combined with the special edition, volume 10 only looses to the first week sales of volume two.

It is worth mentioning that Oricon only takes into account a certain number of shops. These numbers are only an estimate and it’s possible that the real figures are higher than these.

Source: Oricon via iamZEON.

The chart below shows the progress in the sales of Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~ over the weeks and compares it with previous volumes’ performances (click on it for dynamic version):

Let’s wait and see how it will perform on next week’s ranking. Hopefully this is not the last we’ve seen of volume 10.


6 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura ~Clear Card arc~ #10 first week sales report

    • Yes, yes, I wrote it here:
      “The Special Edition (Character Song CD) debuted at the 46th position, with an estimate of 20,315 copies sold.”
      But maybe you missed that in my post? 🙂


  1. Oricon includes some of the biggest online retailers in its sales data, so it’s unlikely that the real numbers are much higher than this, unfortunately. But a lot of folks on the server were surprised when they saw this post, since everybody had been struggling to get preorders in over the past month! We all thought the special edition with The Big SakuSyao Duet would sell out, ahaha.

    I have a feeling sales numbers will continue to decline until a second season of the show gets announced, after which point they’ll bounce back up. It seems as if a ton of fans fell off the boat after the first season ended. :/


    • Yes, I agree with you.
      I think people mixed “covid-19 restrictions” with “selling out”.
      It was difficult to pre-order not because it was sold out, but probably due to restrictions?

      And these numbers reflect the general public. The numbers don’t lie. There is clearly a decrease of interest from the general public.

      True, the fans are still buying it solidly and most of them are pre-ordering, but not the general public.

      I agree that the second season of the anime might benefit sales. I don’t think it will reach the same figures of the first 3 volumes, though.


  2. The same is happening with Boruto manga, the numbers are very low. Naruto japanese fans say the pacing of Boruto’s plot is too slow (boruto manga started in 2016) besides the script isn’t good. I believe Clear Card has the same issue about pacing. And maybe if CC had movies, it could bring more people to read the manga. It need some hype. Besides Naruto and CCS, the other popular franchise with a sequel is Dragon Ball with DB Super. It has average sales but right now it’s higher than boruto and clear card’s sales. I think it’s because of the constant movies.


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