CLAMP x Kyoto City: Kyoto Yell! Project

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“Shop, eat and make Kyoto healthy!”

As an effort to restore the economy of Kyoto city, deeply affected by the new coronavirus as many other cities across the globe, and due to their connection to Kyoto, CLAMP are joining a new collaboration project with the city in order to support it.

The project will last from May 8 to June 30 and it will involve:

Kyoto Pilgrimage

The CLAMP 30th Anniversary chibi charactes will be spread around the city of Kyoto and you are invited to find them all and collect their stamp in a stamp rally.

Kyoto Industry Events

From tradicional food, souvenirs and cultural experiences, CLAMP will collaborate with two major city events:

Kyomono Gyosan Ichi (May 8 and 9) –

  • Character Stamp Rally
  • Original Traditional Craft Experience Atelier
  • CLAMP x Kyoto City Art Exhibition Panel
  • CLAMP Official Fanshop popup store

Takumi Expo 2021 (May 8 and 9) –

  • Announcement of a collaboration work between CLAMP and Wakaba-kai, a traditional craft of Kyoto
  • Sales of goods related to Kyoto

More information should come by the end of April.

The website states that all events will be strictly following the regulations as recommended by health authorities.

Official Website:
Official Twitter:

I have a little bit of mixed feelings about this. It’s really good to see CLAMP using their popularity as a means to support the city in which they have strong bonds to — 3/4 of them were born there and currently all 4 of them are living there. At the same time, I am not there to judge how safe these events can be, but it’s still valid that they are doing something supportive for their city in these trying times we are all going through.

I wonder if we will be getting new chibi illustrations with the characters in Kyoto traditional clothes or if it’s going to be the same ones already released… hmm.


3 thoughts on “CLAMP x Kyoto City: Kyoto Yell! Project

  1. I guess this project is reflective of the state of the pandemic in Japan overall? The vaccination rollout has been very, very slow (I think many elderly people will only become eligible in May), and the public seems to have largely given up on government health restrictions. My advisor was in Tokyo for a few months this past winter, and he said he could barely tell there was a pandemic going on at all, based on all the people eating out without masks on. :/

    Have Sakura pose with a little band-aid on her arm for future vaccination campaigns, CLAMP!

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    • I agree context needs to be taken into account. I can see why this can be perceived as offensive and disrespectful to some, but at the same time, they are not doing anything the Japanese law disapproves of.

      The stamp rally thing looks pretty ok to me? But I am not sure how packed these events are, if there is enough room to allow social distancing. It seems strange to me that they would participate in something that would go against public health recommendations.

      Anyway, it’s a very sensitive matter and I can totally understand people who think this is not the best timing for something like this.


  2. It seems like bad timing imo, especially considering how cases are on the rise in Japan. But idk. It seems like a cute idea, but I can’t imagine how safe this would be during a pandemic. Really is a sensitive matter I guess?


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