Original Tokyo Babylon manga gets new version by Kadokawa; CLAMP to draw new covers

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The official Young Ace magazine is reporting that the original Tokyo Babylon manga series will be getting a new version to be published by Kadokawa.

The new version will have new covers drawn by CLAMP. More details, including release a date, will be announced soon.

The news comes at the same day as the announcement of the Tokyo Babylon 2021 TV Anime getting cancelled. The article mentions that CLAMP wanted to give something nice for the fans who were looking forward to the anime.

This will be the second Tokyo Babylon version published by Kadokawa. The first one was released as a 3-volumes series in 2012 as part of the CLAMP CLASSIC COLLECTION edition. Other than that, the series was also released as a 5-volumes pocket edition series and the original classic 7-volumes series, both published by Shinshokan.

Source: Young Ace.

Great news! I think releasing new versions was already in the plans and that they simply kept the original plan instead of waiting for the new anime to come out.

I’m very much looking forward to the new covers, of course! I wonder if they will keep it as 7 volumes… I hope so, since that would mean 7 new illustrations, haha!

And Kadokawa is still involved in this, huh? Interesting, very interesting…

BREAKING: Tokyo Babylon 2021 TV Anime gets cancelled

The official website for the Tokyo Babylon 2021 TV Anime released a statement today reporting that its production has been cancelled.

After investigations of unauthorized use of materials in characters’ costumes that surfaced late last year, followed by a postponement, the production committee has decided to cancel production altogether with the justification of lack of trust with the current production company.

The statement confirms that there is still a desire to turn Tokyo Babylon into an anime series, with a different production company. CLAMP and the production committee are currently searching for a different production company to take the project on. This tweet from Young Ace magazine says that details will be announced in CLAMP-NET.COM and Kadokawa‘s website in due course.

They apologized to CLAMP and all the Tokyo Babylon readers who were looking forward to this project.

Source: https://tokyobabylon2021.jp

As hard as this may hit some of you who were looking forward to this, I think this was the wisest decision to make. I can completely understand that their trust has been compromised, plus I never thought GoHands was fit for this project to begin with, I am sure many of you agree with me. There is also the fact that CLAMP themselves were not involved on the production and seemingly not very excited for it — at least that’s how it looked like since they acted on their social media as though nothing was happening, which was always really strange to me, considering how Tokyo Babylon is important to them.

Tokyo Babylon has a huge, solid community of devoted fans and it’s a very important work in CLAMP’s catalog. It should be treated with all the respect and decency it deserves.

I hope this will represent an opportunity to deliver a Tokyo Babylon anime series that will do justice to this brilliant CLAMP masterpiece.