Follow up: Card Captor Sakura Clear Card TV Anime scheduled for 22 episodes



Previously, a NHK document stated that the Clear Card TV Anime adaptation was scheduled to run for 26 episodes.

However, recent reports from the press conference that was held earlier this month, including this latest one from NHK, are now affirming that the series will run for 22 episodes instead.

Given the number of multiple sources affirming that it will be 22 episodes, I think it’s safer to assume that it will be 22 and not 26 episodes.

If the anime runs for 22 weeks without interruptions, the 22nd episode would air in early June.


4 thoughts on “Follow up: Card Captor Sakura Clear Card TV Anime scheduled for 22 episodes

  1. still a decent number considering there are a lot of animes that only run for 13 episodes more recently. so im still happy with the over 20 number despite the apparent 4 episode drop. 🙂


  2. Sakura is sure on a busy time slot. Prime time on Sunday at the national tv channel, no less. Of course she will be interrupted a few times for seasonal TV specials. Plus, there were quite a few of these skipped weeks in the 90s series’ three seasons. The same was true to the Magic Knight series, maybe it’s a Nakayoshi thing.

    So, 22 épisodes is still quite decent, especially since it could be just the first part, like for Tsubasa or xxxHolic. Even if 22 episodes is all we get, it’s still not far from X, Chobits, Kobato or the Sakura Cards part’s which all have only 24 episodes but still felt fast paced. I trust Ohkawa and MadHouse (who animated all these projects). Plus they may be saving contents for a movie this summer. Or even a movie plus an OAD.


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