3 thoughts on “New Card Captor Sakura Clear Card arc TV Anime PV – Tomoyo Version

  1. Such a cute trailer focused on Tomoyo-chan! 😀

    So far, all I see are scenes from the manga, but then, there is really no need to make fillers so early in the series, they have enough manga material to cover the first episodes comfortably ^^

    It’s AWESOME to confirm, once more, that the animation is beautiful, everything look so perfect, we are really lucky and blessed with this new adaptation! ^^

    Let’s hope they are going to make this into a weekly thing, and that other characters will have their very own trailers in the next upcoming weeks! 😀

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    • So far, the scenes come from chapters 1 to 5, the only exception is a quick scene with Akiho in the long trailer. It seems there won’t be fillers before a few episodes.


      • i welcome fillers for ccs! there are several things i want to see more of such as more syaoran & sakura scenes. maybe a bit more on touya too. etc.


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