Card Captor Sakura Clear Card TV Anime scheduled for 26 episodes



This NHK document lists their upcoming shows and Card Captor Sakura Clear Card TV Anime appears on page 13 with a total of 26 episodes scheduled.

If the anime runs for 26 weeks without interruptions, the 26th episode would air in early July, summer in Japan, the perfect time for a theatrical movie release. But that is only speculation of my part.

It’s unlikely that the manga will be over by then, which makes me think that there will be at least another season.

Thank you to Sakura84-chan for the heads up!


7 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura Clear Card TV Anime scheduled for 26 episodes

  1. YES!!!Please give us more season!!! I even hope that there’ll be another arc after “Clear Card arc”. Just Like “Sakura Card arc” followed “Clow Card arc”. Good things comes in 2. XD


  2. I didn’t expect we would get the number of episodes so ‘early’, I thought they might withhold this information for longer, or even not give it until the anime airs!
    Well, we all knew this is the ‘sort’ of era we are living: super lengthy anime are not that frequent anymore, nonetheless, that is when talking about the number of episodes in 1 season.
    I also think that we will get several seasons of the anime, meaning that the first season will end in July. They take a year break, and then return to it.
    That’s what they are doing with the anime (adapted from manga) I’ve been watching recently, when they go past the 13-26 eps count, like Shokugeki no Souma, Boku no Hero Academia, Gintama, Fairy Tail, The Seven Deadly Sins, Shingeki no Kyojin etc…
    Yes, I know, all super popular shounen/seinen series, but it can’t be helped, there aren’t that many shoujo out there who ‘makes it’, and if we think magical girls exclusively, shows like PreCure just go on forever (but they are not adapted from manga)

    I shall stick with my belief that we are getting more than 6 volumes, meaning that the 1st season will ‘end’ at a comfortable/important moment and will take off again later, when the manga have more chapters to animate ^^(edited)
    UNLESS, and that’s very unlikely, in the case the anime really does HORRIBLY bad in sales ^^;;

    To begin with, with the first series, there were 3 months breaks between each of the 3 CCS seasons after all ^^


    • This NHK document is such a great pal. It gave us a few hints during the Tsubasa days too. Bless it xD

      Many animes these days only have 13 episodes. So 26 episodes is actually quite big, in today’s anime situation.

      CLAMP are going to have to work fast and draw more than 22 pages a month if they want to keep up with the anime. There might be only 1 or 2 volumes released in the 6 months prior to season 2, that’s not much. Either that or season 2 is going to take longer to premiere.


      • The manga began in May 1996 and the anime in April 1998, that’s 23 chapters. In our case we got 20 instead and definitely less pages to work with? But the difference isn’t really big though. That first 3 seasons are proof it can work, but there were many fillers to make it happen though…
        And as you said: CLAMP need to seriously draw more pages monthly, else it’s going to be complicated ^^;;


  3. Ya me hice bolas se supone que salio el OVA de sakura clear de sakura y los dos osos y ya lo tengo sub en español soy de chile pero ya han especulado tanto que ya ni se si es real alguien me explique luego de la OVA viene este anime sakura clear serie tv ?


  4. list don’t have CCSCC yet, they will only list the final episode as “終”, so we will know if the series end at episode 26 or not. In 90s series of CCS, only episode 70 is marked as such. Card Captor Sakura’s page:

    The same for Magic Knight Rayearth:

    Although, Tsubasa has two seasons, both with a final episode at episode 26.

    Same for xxxHolic:

    Another hint would be where the manga was when the second and third season of the 90s series started.

    The first anime season started on April 7th 1998 (same month as chapter 24, the second of tankoubon 6 when she capture Firey et Earthy show up), then stopped on December 29th 1998 (same as chapter 32, the second of tankoubon 8 where she transform Jump and Fly).

    The second season started on April 6th 1999 (Chapter 36, second of tankoubon 9, where Sakura transform Illusion, Erase and Earthy), and took a break on June 22nd 1999 (same as chapter 38, last of tankoubon 9, as Sakura transform Shadow).

    The third season started on September 7th 1999 (chapter 41, third of tankoubon 10, where she sew a yukata for Xioalang), an ended on March 21st 2000 (chapter 46, first of tankoubon 12, where she drink afternoon tea with Eriol).


    Long story short, Ohkawa only cared for synchronisation between the manga and the anime at the end of the third series. That she is taking her time now, plus that the anime start three months earlier this time, makes me think it could well be that there will be only 6 tankoubon and 26 episodes (plus maybe a movie and/or another OAD for the final book first print).

    Or they could be playing safe and giving themselves a some room for the second part of this series. It will be clearer by episode 26, on July 1st, with chapter 25 around the corner. Ohkawa could also use the chapter 25 and 26 for the movie plot, if there’s only one anime season.

    For the moment, I would guess only one season and 6 tankoubon is the more likely scenario.

    Also, the new Sailor Moon only did 3 arcs on 5 so far. I would guess the Nakayoshi publicity department would be satisfied with just one season.


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