HiGH&LOW manga adaptation by CLAMP to begin serialization in Japanese Spring

news_header_highlow_clampThis week’s issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine (released today in Japan) will officially announce the manga adaptation of the HiGH&LOW franchise by CLAMP.

The manga will begin serialization in the Japanese Spring in Weekly Shonen Magazine (Kodansha).

Source: Comic Natalie, HiGH&LOW official website.

In case you missed, check this post for more background info about CLAMP’s new project, a manga adaptation of HiGH&LOW.

I didn’t think CLAMP would ever draw weekly again after Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC — this latter is being published in a monthly basis despite being running in a weekly magazine.

Am I excited about this? Yes I am. Am I happy to have weekly or semi-weekly CLAMP fix? Hell yeah!

17 thoughts on “HiGH&LOW manga adaptation by CLAMP to begin serialization in Japanese Spring

  1. I was hope they would publish it in seinen magazine but it is shonen again. So basicaly CCS will go on semi-hiatus therefore not to traumatize Mokonas back. I doubt she can pull out two project at the same time.


    • The series will likely be steady weekly on the first couple of months and then it’ll probably be semi-weekly.

      I think it’ll be fine as long as they put their health in first place.


      • I guess they will run new project till the end of a year and than drop it or it will be 2 or 3 volumes. I can imagine them do three projects at the same time if two of them release heavily. Why they didn’t choose semi-monthly magazine if it isn’t their priority project? They could release 3 chapter in a year and no worries.


        • It all boils down to how long the series is gonna be. The first HiGH&LOW manga adapation had only 3 volumes. So yeah, it could be the same here.

          Besides, XXXHOLiC runs in a weekly magazine and it’s far from weekly. So maybe this series will be almost monthly too?


  2. 2017 will be a busy year for them. ^^;

    On the bright side, Weekly Shounen Magazine mean the chapter will be easy to get.


      • It’s sure the 2010s decade didn’t bring much new Clamp manga… new Drug and Drop, new Tsubasa, new xxxHolic, new Card Captor Sakura… only Gate 7 has been a “new” new series so far.

        In the 2000s, they started Gouhou Drug, Chobits, Tsubasa, xxxHolic and Kobato.

        In the 1990s, Tokyo Babylon, Duklon, X, CG Detectives, MK Rayearth, Wish, Card Captor Sakura, Clover, Angelic Layer, Suki Dakara Suki, and I’m not mentioning the one tankoubon projects.

        Although there are still 4 years to go in the 2010s, who knows what they’ll bring.

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      • Just for the sake of it, I counted how many tankoubon Clamp produced every decades. No tankoubon were released in 1989. ^_~

        1990s = 68 tankoubon
        Rg Vega = 10; 20m = 2; TB = 7; Duklyon = 2; X = 13; CGT = 3; Shin-Shunkaden = 1; Shirahime = 1; MKR = 6; Miyuki = 1; W no S na H = 1; Wish = 4; CCS = 10; Clover = 4; Angelic Layer = 1; SDS = 2.

        2000s = 71 tankoubon
        X = 5; CCS = 2; Angelic Layer = 4; SDS = 1; GDrug = 3; Chobits = 8; xxxHolic = 16; Tsubasa = 28; Kobato = 4.

        2010s = 19
        xxxHolic = 7; Kobato = 2; Gate 7 = 4; Drug&Drop = 2; Tsubasa = 3; CCS = 1.

        So they have 3 years to produce about 50 tankoubon. X D
        The total will probably be closer to 35, with 9 other CCS, another xxxHolic, maybe two if they are motivated, a few High&Low, then maybe other projects or continuations.

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        • Thanks for digging these info and making this nice summary ^_ ~ It’s very interesting and it really reflects the reality.

          Their first 20 years were extremely busy both in terms of new works and in terms of tankoubon. The following 20 years, on the other hand, started slow, but it looks like things are getting better now. Obviously we will probably never have again the golden days of 90s and 00s, but at least I hope the days of drought are over.

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          • I would add, in the 1990s, Clamp worked on 16 series, 14 being new to the decade. Or I could say 11 if I count the Shôten prototype for Duklyon, CGT and Tokyo Babylon.

            In the 2000s, they worked on 9 series, 5 being new to the decade.

            In the 2010s, they worked on 6 series (so far), only 1 is new.

            As time goes, they tend to do less short humorous stories and more long dramatic stories. Although there are still plenty of funny moments in their longer works, but nothing as crazy as say, Duklyon. So maybe we’ll get a new series or two before the end of the decades, although I would be glad with just continuation from their series on hiatus and new works for the 2020s.

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  3. I’m excited for this! It looks really good. I’m hoping clamp ladies won’t put ccs or holic on hiatus tho…
    Also, i dont get what’s with the pic of twc next to it? Is it just an advert for clamp and twc is representing them?
    Anyway I’m liking the thought of weekly release! Holic needs this time slot too. Waiting for the next 12 pages is too slow and underwhelming.


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