13 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC Rei Chapter 53 release date postponed once again

  1. Well, this change is actually ok as far as I am concerned, I mean: compared to last time when we got a a postponement from sept 5th to October 31st ( TWO MONTHS!!), waiting only 2 more weeks do not sound that bad hahaha~


      • CLAMP is successfully distracting me with CCS, so I don’t feel the loss so much 😉
        The other thing, is that I’ve been following xxxholic for so long now (14 years!) that a break of a few months doesn’t really phase me anymore to be sincere, especially since I wasn’t too emotionally attached to the last arc to be honest.
        Nonetheless, I am, of course, still and always looking forward what we shall see next in xxxholic, and hope for something goo! ^_^

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      • From the looks of this post: [News] Tsubasa books , it seems like CLAMP were busy working on 3 new tsubasa books, and had no time for xxxholic ^^;
        I was really surprised, this is very sudden, but if this is confirmed as true, I am happy for these new books ^_^


        • This looks very strange… there isn’t anything about these supposed books in Kodansha’s calendar (http://kc.kodansha.co.jp/calendar).

          Plus, an artwork with only 23 illustrations? Seems very unlikely to me. And why would they break the ALBUM DE REPRODUCTIONS pattern?

          Anyway, I’m taking this with a grain of salt for the time being…


          • This is what I wrote to Nokiirat as an answer to the entry too: that this is very strange and sudden, I mean 3 whole books literally coming out of nowhere and all of them being released in just the next 1-2 months…?

            Nokiirat’s answer: “When I asked them where they got the news from, they said from Shonen Magazine. And it was oddly specific info so I assume it’s ok. If true, it’ll probably get announced in the next week or so.”

            All we can do now is wait and see: anyway, the release dates are so close, that this is going to be resolved really soon.
            But yes, as you said, for the time being we can only take this with a grain of salt….


        • Eh? 3 new books? Like a new arc? Or something else? I haven’t seen anything officially announced on that. But I’m really happy if it is true!!


  2. part of me goes ooh thats not too bad for a clamp push back. and we can appreaciate ccs chapter more. its supposed to be released at the end of october too right? but another part of me has a sinking dread… reminds me of gate 7 being postponed then put on the huge clamp hiatus shelf. im reeeaaaallllly hoping they still release it. that cliff hanger left me super excited for the new arc. unless it’s being postponed for twc again? or maybe it’l be tied in with ccs after all? my thinking here is that sakura and watanuki may have a similar/ same enemy? watanuki has this dimensional witch, and sakura has… we dont know who yet? mystery hooded person who has these agressive clear cards and has unleashed them on her?


    • I don’t think this delay is related to a plot tie-in with CCS, since the timing hasn’t changed significantly. October 31st or November 14th — either way, the chapter will be coming out around the same time the November issue of Nakayoshi releases. I’m wondering if all the miscellaneous work surrounding CCS (not just the actual comic and color illustrations every month, but the writing for the upcoming animation project, too) is too much for CLAMP to handle alongside xxxHOLiC.

      You brought up a good idea about there possibly being a connection between the “Dimension Witch” in Rei and the hooded figure in CCS, though!


    • I don’t think XXXHOLiC is having the same fate as GATE 7. With the theatre adaptation coming in January, they will need the manga to be running in order to advertise away =)


      • Ha! Yeah I just read that thread about the stage play, and changed my mind about the gate7 comment I made. ^^ I’m excited about these new projects. But I’m also eager for the new arc!! Haven’t felt that for a while with holic.


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